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Daughters Day 2019: 7 Ways How Liberal Upbringing Helps Daughters Become Strong Women

In a country like India, where many women are suppressed and considered a burden by their families, it is not easy to break the glass ceiling. Yet, many Indian women are making headlines for being successful women across the globe and inspiring young girls and women. On the occasion of World Daughters Day that falls on 22 September every year, let's understand the power of a liberal upbringing by parents that can help daughters to become a strong, successful women.


Ideas are liberating and therefore, being open to them can help you to break the shackles of certain age-old traditions and beliefs that see women as the weaker sex and have oppressed them simply because of their gender.

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While society believes marriage is the only responsibility of parents towards their daughter, it is high time to focus on how to make your child fearless and confident to survive in this world and not become dependent on you. A liberal upbringing will help your daughter think rationally and not accept everything around her blindly. This will slowly build her capacity to handle difficult situations.

1. Replace Fairy Tales With Reality

All children love to get lost in the world of fairytales, isn't it? Parents teach their kids to be kind and generous like the fairies. There is nothing wrong in narrating beautiful fairytales to your daughter, but you must ensure your daughter is also aware of the realities of life. This is important because she can choose her set of right and wrong. It is important that she knows that a prince can only be charming if he is kind, caring, honest and able to love a person truly. Castle and jewellery are not important, having a kind heart is.


2. Courage Over Cowardice

No doubt you love your daughter and she is the most precious thing to you. But preparing her for the tough times is also your responsibility. No two persons can be similar and there is no shortage of people with bad intentions, and your child will face such people. We worship Goddesses because they have the perfect blend of courage, vigilance and tenderness all wrapped in one. They are capable of fighting against evil, and spread love, too. Instead of asking your daughter to look beautiful always and groom herself, teach her to be courageous and fight her battles.

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3. What People Think About Her Is Not Her Problem

At times people might judge your daughter on the basis of her clothes and make-up. Though clothing has nothing to do with a person's behaviour, you can work on your daughter's clothing choices. But that doesn't mean you need to set barriers for her. Let her know she can wear anything which makes her feel comfortable and tell her that even if people judge her for her dressing sense, it is not her problem and what she thinks about herself is the only important thing.

Tell to live her life wisely and not get affected even when people judge her for her choices.

4. How You Treat Women At Home Is Important

The main reason why some women are still unaware of their worth is because they see their mothers or sisters being ill-treated while growing up. If you are hitting your wife or verbally abusing her, then your daughter might expect the same from her husband. As a result, it is possible that the daughter will grow up to be an under-confident woman, wrapped in shame and fear.

A woman should be always treated with respect, love and care and fathers can ensure that their daughter understands, what kind of behaviour they should expect from their partner. You are letting her know the importance of being a woman and this will really help to emerge as a strong and independent woman.

5. Teach Her Kindness Is A Virtue

Most people mistake kindness as a weakness, which is not true. Not everyone can be kind and therefore, to become a kind person, one has to quit jealousy and self-obsession.

Let your daughter know what is kindness is and why is it important to be kind. Growing up with the self-centered mindset might not make your daughter become a strong woman. As she might not realise how beautiful it is put someone else's happiness before theirs.

Teach your daughter why is it worthless to be involved in gossips or hold grudge against others. Encourage her to practice selfless love and develop a helping attitude.

6. Encourage Her To Be Self-Reliant

Encourage your daughter to be self-reliant. Rather than dreaming about her fairytale wedding, let her have a successful and flourishing career. She is not born just to get married and have kids. Marriage is not everything, therefore, let her not expect someone else to come and make her happy. Help her realise that happiness can come from her own actions and she can live the way she thinks is right. Also, ask her to choose her desired career and show your support.

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7. Help Her Create Her Set Of Right And Wrong

Though allowing your daughter to date someone can be really difficult for you since you are constantly worried about her, you can at least encourage her to date someone whom she deserves. Don't let her date anyone just for the sake of dating. Help her in figuring out what qualities she should be looking for in a partner. Discuss what kind of people she would like to date and then share your opinions with her. This will help both of you to be on the same page. Your daughter will be able to decide what is right or wrong for her.

Guiding your daughter as she grows up is the best thing to do. She will be able to voice her thoughts and problems to you without any hesitation. She will be able to connect with you as a friend and hence, you will be aware of what is happening in your daughter's life and therefore, you will also be able to help her. This way you will be able to guide and motivate her in the best possible manner to be a strong woman.

Happy Daughters Day!

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