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7 Reasons Why Women Should Learn Self-defence Techniques

Before starting with the fact that why women need to learn self defense techniques, let us start with the very basic thing- Why are women made aware of their bodies when in home or public or anywhere else for that matter? Amidst heinous crimes against women such as eve-teasing, rape, molestation, domestic violence, nothing can be better if women learn to protect themselves, because we live in a country where victim shaming looks natural.

Having the capability to protect yourself from any kind of assault can be a blessing for not only you but also for people who genuinely care and love you.

Self-defence techniques date back to ancient times and are meant for everyone but the present scenario is such that it has become mandatory for women and sadly children as well.

Today if you look at the newspaper or listen to the news channels, you will find numerous cases where women are victimised in some way or the other. No matter how hard your brother, husband or father tries to protect you from people with bad intentions (read molesters and rapists), you might fall prey to them at some point in your lives or the other. These reasons tell why women should learn some self-defence techniques. However, there are more reasons. Let's go through them:

1. You Become Confident

When you learn self-defence techniques, you become confident about yourself, at least it feels like a blessing that you can protect yourself. It boosts your self-esteem as well as you won't need male assistance to protect you. Also, the most important thing is that you learn to trust yourself. You no more have to rely on someone else to drop you to your home when you are late at night, or simply when you feel like going out of your house at odd hours. You can easily shun the eve-teasers and walk confidently. Not only this, you feel confident in working late at the office. This way you will understand and accept your worth in a world that is full of prejudices and is biased most of the time about women in particular.

2. You Become Disciplined

Discipline and determination are two strengths that you will need in every sphere of your lives. During the process of learning self-defence techniques, these two qualities will help you to learn the self-defence techniques in an effective manner and as we all know practice makes a man perfect, therefore, it will be great if you learn it on a daily basis by squeezing some time from your daily routine. Motivation and sincerity also come with discipline. You will become concerned about learning how to protect yourself.

3. You Don't Need A Male To Accompany You

Most of the women have to undergo the protection and surveillance given by her brother and father. Women need to wait until their brothers or any other familiar male comes to pick or drop them even during the odd hours. Learning these self-defense techniques will make you feel confident enough to take necessary action for your own safety.

4. Your Physical Strength Grows

Self Defence techniques help you to become physically stronger. Your reflexes will work in a better manner and your muscles will appear to be toned. Your body will become strong enough to fight with people who are trying to harm you. Also, your mind and body become aware, especially when you are walking alone in the streets.

5. You Can Protect Your Family And Friends

When you are aware of self-defence techniques, you can easily protect your family and friends. Not only when they are on the streets, but also when they are at home, such as if a situation arises when an intruder is trying to harm them. This will help you to take immediate actions spontaneously during an alarming situation.

6. You Can Come Home Late At Night

The increasing crimes against women have led a sense of fear among the society and therefore, parents do not allow women to stay out late at night. But when you are well-known of self-defence techniques, you can come home late at night also. You will feel less afraid and anxious while returning from office in the night. You can easily knock out an attacker and head safely to your place.

7. You Can Protect Yourself From Domestic Violence

It is not that women are victimised only on streets and at public places, many crimes are committed against them when they are at home. There are many women who are victims of domestic violence and abuse- be it physical or verbal. If you are trained in self-defence techniques, you will be able to defend yourself from domestic violence as well.

It is essential that you learn to protect yourself and fight when it is necessary. Whether the culprit is someone from your family, in-laws, or even if you are living alone, you will be able to protect yourself from unknown people trying to intrude your house, physically harm you or molest you for that matter.

It is very brave to stand up for yourself and fight for something that you believe in. Also, when one walks against the crowd, there will be always some people who will follow their footprint. You won't have to look too far, but look around you and you will find that there are people who perceive you as a strong mother, sister or a friend.

To all women, Stay Strong Stay Beautiful!

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