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    10 Things You Should Tell Your Partner Every Day

    By Soham

    A relationship is a process of two people being with each other. Building a strong relationship is a challenging part.
    As every relationship is a different one with different thought process but with a similar feeling called love, there are certain things you should tell your partner every day in order to hold the bond of your relationship tight without having any loose ends.

    things you should tell your partner every day

    Few things are necessary to do every day to a normal life. The same goes for a relationship. Few things, if done daily, help in building the closeness of the couple.

    Here are the 10 things you should tell your partner every day.

    1. I Love You

    Undoubtedly, the first thing you need to do every day at least once says 'I Love You'.
    It is one of the most important things that your partner needs to hear from you and vice versa. Everyone has his/her way of saying and showing it. Find out yours. Do what makes you comfortable, but be certain to put it up as a habit. It doesn't matter if you are being creative in your way of saying or showing, but make sure your partner understands what you say and mean.

    2. I Want To Be With You

    This subtle and sublime sentence has its own beautiful effect on lovers and partners. It doesn't matter if you are with your partner for the past 10 years or 30 years, this should be told daily. It makes your better-half smile and it gives the assurance of your love for a long run with him/her.

    3. I Support You By All Means

    This is a very important sentence. When you say it, it means you are standing beside your partner through thick and thin. Every partner wants the other to be his/her support system. The base of a relationship or marriage is the support of their lover. Tell your partner this and remind him/her that you are standing beside him/her in all calamities, tensions, and disturbances.

    4. I Respect Your Soul

    Not everyone says this. But I want you to say it for it is the only way you are letting them know that you are not just connected by love and flesh but you and your partner have a connection of soul to soul. This means a lot to your partner. Remember to say this. I suggest, the night before going to bed, tell your partner this sentence without fail.

    5. You Mean The World To Me

    Just imagine saying this to your partner and seeing a glimpse of the smile and a pair of glittering eyes. This sentence is a must for every morning breakfast where the morning begins. This helps develop the intimacy of the couple.

    6. I Love The Way You....

    Fill it up with whatever you want to say to adore your partner. Be it the dress or the nose or even the beard or the sex. Appreciate and express what you love. This gives them the happiness in doing that more and thus helps in keeping a happy bonding intact.

    7. Praise The Talent

    Tell him/her whatever he/she is good at. Recognize the talent and appreciate it. In regular basis when you do, you make it clear to your partner that you both have a similar mindset.

    8. You Are My Favourite

    You need to tell your partner how much he/she means to you. Tell him/her every day whenever you get some time that he/she is your favourite person when he/she does something that is splendid to see.

    9. Thank You For Being With Me

    Tell your partner how happy you feel when he/she is with you. Thank them for their support and love and care. Tell your partner every day or just leave a note where he/she can read it daily.

    10. I Was Thinking About You

    This is a very convenient way of saying wherein you text your partner when you are away or give them a call and say it. This makes them feel happy and loved and keeps the relationship going. This also becomes a conversation starter when you are both away from each other and you want to have a talk with your partner.

    These above-mentioned sentences help you in the long run, in your relationship or marriage. So, start practicing them today.

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