10 Weird And Jaw-dropping Reasons On Why Couples Can Call Off Their Own Wedding!

By Needhi Gandhi

When two persons decide to tie the knot, many of their romantic dreams about their relationship are involved with that vital decision. The families of the bride and groom are also well involved in this relationship, as marriage is a new relationship between two unrelated families as well.

The wedding preparation is thus a joint venture of both the families of the couple who are to be wedded, which often takes months to bring the desired effect on the scheduled wedding date that is a very special day for the new couple.

reasons why people call off their weddings

However, sometimes, this amazing chemistry may not remain the same between the bride and groom during this long period of wedding preparation.

If something suddenly goes wrong between them and the relationship sours, they may decide to quit the failed relationship and call off their wedding too. Some of the reasons often cited by such couples may seem a bit weird for the others, mainly in the halfway of their wedding preparations; but they always need to have the last say about their own lives.

Have a look at a few such unbelievable reasons on why people can usually call off their own wedding.


1.Disputes Over The Wedding Preparations:

If the wedding couple finds themselves arguing too much over every issue regarding their wedding planning and the consequent budget, they may finally realize that their views will never match with each other in life. So, they may call off their wedding and end their relationship that is sure to turn futile in future.


2.Disagreement Over Some Vital Decisions About Marital Life:

The wedding couples feel free to often plan about their future marital life, where they need to start a family of their own with their children. But, unfortunately, some couples may find that their views and desires about their future life do not match with each other. Nowadays, some modern girls may not like the idea of conceiving and having the babies themselves, while their partners stress on having their own babies in a short span of time.


3.Lack Of Enough Respect For Each Other:

The bride and groom may suddenly discover that one of them is too dominating for the other one and he/she simply may not show sufficient respect to acknowledge the decision of the other partner. As the marital relationship is based on mutual respect, they may feel it right to call off the wedding and put a stop to this unsuitable relationship.


4.Unmatched In Spite Of Loving Each Other:

The bride and groom may realize during the months of their wedding preparations that there are too many aspects in which they are totally different from each other. If they are looking for partners who will be perfectly compatible with them, then it is better for them to end the relationship before tying the marital knot and looking for someone more compatible for each of them.


5.Only One Partner Wants To Quit:

Sometimes, the decision to call off the wedding is the decision of only one of the partners that can be due to several personal reasons. The other partner may be only too timid and submissive to give in and agree to this decision, even if he/she really does not wish to end the relationship from the heart and still loves the truant partner.


6.Sudden Discovery Of Infidelity Of One Partner:

The bride or groom may suddenly find that the other partner is cheating on her/him and dating someone else secretly during this period of their wedding preparation. Then it is quite righteous on her/his part to quit this relationship and call off their wedding, as the marital relationship cannot be successful without mutual trust and loyalty for each other.


7.Suddenly Unsure Of The Stability Of Their Relationship:

When a couple becomes very sure that they really love each other and want to spend their life together, only then do they decide for tying the marital knot. But it is seen that some couples become unsure of their mutual love and respect within the brief period of their wedding preparation and then decide to call off their wedding.


8.Lack Of Respect For Each Other’s Family:

The marriage also means that the couple accepts the family of the other partner as his/her own. But if one partner is found to be disrespectful or totally uninterested about the family members of the other partner even before marriage, then it is likely that the same scenario will continue after wedding, which may result in conflicts between the couple. So, it is better to call off the wedding and quit from this relationship.


9.Family Pressure For Quitting:

Sometimes, it is seen that the family members of the bride or groom may not really like the choice of their daughter or son, even if the wedding date is scheduled. Then, they may continuously pressurize or even emotionally blackmail the bride or groom to end this relationship, resulting in the calling off of the wedding finally, if the couple gives in to the demands of their families.


10.Undue Pressure From One Partner About Any Issue:

When the wedding is scheduled and the wedding preparations are on full swing, one partner may start creating pressure on the other one with some strange demands, like changing his/her name or for getting a house in a chosen locality. It is also seen that the bride or groom objects about the friends circle of the other one and wants to break off all friendships, which may ultimately result in calling off the wedding.

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    Story first published: Saturday, January 27, 2018, 18:00 [IST]
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