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    Is Toxic Jealousy The Problem Of Your Relationship? How To Know?

    Jealousy in little quants is good for a relationship. If it increases, it becomes the toxic element for any relationship. If one is in such a relationship and doesn't know about it then this article will help you understand the signs of such toxic jealousy.

    When two people come into a relationship, they tend to become possessive about each other. This possessiveness helps you create a bond. But in the long run it most of the times turns into a toxic jealousy. One starts telling the other to not meet someone or the other and do things that would not affect each other and the relationship. The slow gradual of this possessiveness turns into bigger jealousy and before you know it becomes toxic jealousy and ruins the relationship.

    toxic jealousy

    How can you understand these signs? How can you make sure of an everlasting relationship? How to know these signs and help each other for a forever kind of bonding?

    There are definite ways to find it all. It can be easy at times to figure out at times it becomes a tad bit difficult.

    Let's talk about the signs of toxic jealousy:

    1. Ownership Entitlement

    When one gets into a relationship, he/she tends to think, they own the other person. This becomes a sure shot sign of toxic jealousy and one must find out before it is too late. When a couple starts their relationship, it is all the fairy tale dreams coming true. You become the most special person for your beloved partner. It all starts subtly and then before you know it turns into an obsession. You do not get your own personal space. Your partner starts to point out all the wrongs he/she feels. He/She nags about how long you talk to your friends and family on the phone or through social media. He/She stops you from meeting your best friends or other office colleagues. This becomes a deliberate attempt to build shackles for you. Slowly he/she destroys the support system you have had.

    2. Suggestions Become Comments

    When two people get in a relationship. It is all a fairytale. They start to involve each other by asking suggestions, feedback, etc., in order to make their partner feel related to what they do. But days pass by and these suggestions start becoming remarks and comments in order to portray a superiority over each other. This is something that none want in a relationship and that is when you know it is toxic jealousy.

    3. Track Records

    This is the creepiest of all the signs. Your partner starts keeping your track of whatever you do just to know your whereabouts and with whom you talk and what you do, etc. He/She knowingly does this and it becomes cancer for the relationship. This is toxic jealousy sign that most of us have seen till date. Partners become so suspicious that they start doing things covertly and without your notice keep your tracks.

    4. Going Green

    Green is the colour of jealousy. But here when I say going green it means they are envying your fat salary. Money does matter. They envy that your salary is more and that makes them feel suffocative somehow or inferior. This is a sign you should notice the first time you see the salary of yours in hand and then look at your partner's face. They might be showing happiness but inside might be frustrated. Your partner will start to blame you and your job for anything that goes wrong in the relationship.

    5. Obsession Is Deadly

    Obsession at times becomes toxic jealousy. This is something everyone avoids in a relationship. If your partner is showing extreme obsession, you know it is deadly and a sure sign of toxic jealousy.

    These are the definite signs that suggest your relationship has toxic jealousy. Find out these before it is too late for the relationship to sustain.

    Story first published: Thursday, July 5, 2018, 15:48 [IST]
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