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How Does Technology Ruin Relationships?

By Soham

We constantly thank technology for the beauty of it and the varied ways in which it helps us in connecting to people and knowing the world at our hands.

But have we thought how it has been affecting us? Leave apart affecting physically and let's talk how it has been affecting our relationships. The ones that are not virtual but real.

We live in a world full of gadgets and other technologies. It has connected us to a lot of many people but always virtual. When having a physical relationship, we are affected deeply and technology is a fatal player in affecting the relationship.

Let's find out how technology ruin relationships.

1. Addiction to video games

If your partner spends too much time playing video games, it's a warning sign.

Studies show that couples spend more time in playing video games and less time with each other. Women can also become addicted to video games, so pay attention to how much time you spend playing games daily.

The best thing you and your partner can do is to go for a walk and have a small picnic in the park, without any video games and "smart" devices. This way, your addiction reduces as well as the relationship strengthens.

2. Addiction to smartphones

Are you addicted to your smartphone?

Does your partner spend too much time on his phone?

Phone addiction is a common thing these days. Many people are trying to get rid of this addiction but it's not that easy. Smartphones have become a daily use for us and one of the essential requirement of our generation. But when it becomes an addiction, we ruin our relationships.

As a couple, we spend time together but only to keep looking at the smartphone. Couples sit together and use their own smartphones.

This eventually proves to dysfunction relationships and is the main reason of why relationships end.

3. Online flirting is injurious to the relationship

Social media is virtual cancer for relationships. It eats you virtually. While your partner wants to talk with you, you are busy talking to people online and flirting with them and showing zero interest in your partner and a hundred percent in the texts appearing on the screen.
Flirting online is a good way to kill time and make new friends. However, it's also a number one killer of even the strongest and happiest relationship.

If your partner is talking intimately to his female friend online, you may think it's not cheating, but you don't know what will happen tomorrow.

4. You share a lot about your personal life on social media

It has become a trend to share each detail of your life on social media. But before posting any intimate details of your relationship, consider how your significant other will feel about that. Having privacy in a relationship is very important; but when it comes to social media, we share every detail, giving others a full view of our lives and this can cause a lot of trouble.

You should also avoid posting any details of your fights. Keep things private to have a long and happy relationship.

5. Intimacy

Technology kills intimacy. While your partner wants to make love, you are way busy using your laptop. Intimacy is often killed with the loss of physical connection between the partner.

6. Depression

Heavy use of social media and technology has resulted in people having a negative effect on mental health.

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7. You hardly spend time with your partner

Technology has made us spend less quality time with our personal favorites. We often see what the world is seeing, that we forget what we should see in real life. The beauty of your partner and the way you two connect is decreased by your technology use.

These are the major effects of technology on relationships and all we can do is try to avoid it for the betterment of our relationships.

Utilise the time with your partner and family and not googling on the smartphone.

Story first published: Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 21:00 [IST]
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