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Rules Of Fair Fighting For Couples

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Let us not call them fights. Let us call them disagreements. Yes, they are quite common in relationships. Two people may not be able to think alike in every aspect. So, conflicts are sure to arise.

But when you know how to put your point across and when you have love towards your partner, you would consciously decrease the chances of fights and quarrels.

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Relationships experts opine that a couple should be rational during a discussion and emotional during the romantic phases. So, here are some fair rules to follow in order to avoid frequent fights in your relationships.


Rule #1

Never fight in front of others. It will make things worse. Also, the image of your relationship gets diluted in the public. That may develop more negativity and hatred between both of you.


Rule #2

Never drink before or after an argument. That will make you worse in dealing with people. You may turn aggressive too which is unhealthy.

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Rule #3

Sleep together no matter what. Just because an argument takes place before bed time, you don't have to sleep in another room. That will reduce the chances of patching up.


Rule #4

Never go to bed in an angry mood. Don't wake up with a bad mood and don't carry the bad mood to another day. Try to solve the issues before sleeping.


Rule #5

Don't post anything on Facebook. The world doesn't need to know about the ugly things of your life. In fact, your haters may celebrate disharmony in your marital life.

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Rule #6

Never dig old disagreements. You will never be able to solve your problems by multiplying them.


Rule #7

Never tell others about your fights. They may fuel the fight or may make you develop a bad opinion on your partner. Or they may simply start gossiping about you.

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Rule #8

Choose love over winning arguments. When you don't have to win, you will not try to rub your opinions against your partner's head. That will reduce the mess. Also, when love rules your heart, all disagreements will dissolve faster.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 4, 2017, 12:29 [IST]
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