Role Of Gut Instincts In Relationships

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Sometimes, a voice inside you says no or yes to something which you observe. Well, human beings have gut instincts which sometimes direct them towards survival.

Animals are not capable of rational thinking but they have an instinct that guides them. Human beings rely more on complex thinking but sometimes, if we are willing to listen, our instincts guide us better.

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Instincts are not a result of thinking. Sometimes, something in you pulls you in a particular direction. That is your instinct talking to you.


On Your First Date...

Though everything seems good on the surface, if you gut instinct says that there is something wrong with the person whom you are meeting for the first time, don't ignore it. Of course, you shouldn't jump into conclusion so fast. But respect your gut and find clues. Is the person trying to trap you? Does he or she have a bad dating history? Is he or she a criminal? Do your own checks because your gut may not be wrong.


About Your Relationship

Sometimes you don't know why you feel so peaceful and comfortable in someone's presence. Even if you try to figure out what is so good about them, you might not be able to pin point any reason. Well, that could be your gut saying that he or she is right for you. So, stop thinking more and ask that person out.

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A Phone Call

Sometimes, you might ignore your wife's calls just because you are busy in your office. But suddenly, your gut says there is some danger. Immediately, call your wife to know whether everything is fine.



Do you experience a kind of fear engulfing you before you meet your partner? Does it happen every time? Then it could either be your gut saying that you are not with the right person or it could be due to some hidden psychological fears. Figure it out soon.

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Dating Sites

When you browse through several profiles on a dating site, you suddenly feel a bell ringing inside you when you come across a particular picture. That could be your gut asking you to check out that person or it could just be your over excitement.

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When you are confused about getting married, check your gut instincts. Your instincts keep giving clues by making you stumble upon all marriage-related things for a few days. For example, you may get a marriage invitation, or come across a marriage procession on your way to office or even attend a friend's marriage unexpectedly. That is the time your gut instinct keeps saying you that you must marry too.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 3, 2017, 9:26 [IST]
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