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How To Initiate Physical Touch After Marriage

It is not easy to feel free to sleep with someone whom you don't know. But in arranged marriages, where two families decide the match and arrange the wedding, the first night ritual could be a bit embarrassing.

Why? Well, you haven't met the person in private. You might have seen him or her only during the family meetings or during the marriage event.

Are you still comfortable to 'go ahead' on the first night? You don't need to force yourself to do everything on the first night.

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Also, when the process is delayed a bit, your pleasure of the 'first touch' intensifies. Take it slow. Let the wait period increase curiosity and interest. It will stimulate each other more when you delay it a bit.

Here are some steps to gradually initiate physical contact with your partner.


Day #1

On the first day together, simply sit close to your partner and watch TV. Start a conversation and try to strike a bond. Your first objective is to know about your life partner as you haven't dated before marriage.

Day #2

On the second day, you can gradually place your hand on the shoulder of your partner when you sit close to each other during a conversation. Don't do more and don't do less. This will let both of you experience a sweet sensation.

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Day #3

On the third day, casually touch her feet with your feet in a playful way. It should totally look like a romantic move. So do it gently. (If you mess it up, your partner may feel offended. So be careful.)

Day #4

On day 4, simply start teasing her and start a pillow fight. Hit each other with pillows and have fun!

Day #5

Now that you are almost close to each other, start laughing together by sharing jokes. And yes, tickle her whenever you get an opportunity.

Day #6

Before sleeping, touch her shoulder gently and say 'good night'.

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Day #6

When she is cooking or when she is in the balcony, go and hug her from behind.

Day #8

When she is reading a book or engrossed in some activity, simply kiss her on the cheek and run away like a mischievous boy.

Day #9

When she is about to fall asleep, gently place her head on your shoulder and lull her to sleep. A man will score more when he shows his caring side first and lusty side next. So, don't be in a hurry to undress her fast. Wait for the right time.

Day #10

By now, both of you would have reached the ideal state of 'heat' for a steamy session. Push your boundaries and work hard. And don't forget to cuddle for a while after the act. Make it your life's most memorable night! And stay awake till early hours....

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    Story first published: Saturday, January 7, 2017, 16:16 [IST]
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