Why Women Expect Their Husbands To Cook

By: Pooja Kaushal
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We are seeing an increasing number of men taking to cooking. Many of the leading chefs we come across are men.

Though kitchen work is often dubbed as a woman’s job, men as chefs and bakers are quite common too these days. However, this is true only in the food industry. What happens on the home front is a totally different story.

How many times have we noted a married man cook? Sadly, not many. When it comes to doing home cooking, there are not many men who take to cooking.

Women do expect their husbands to cook, but not all are lucky enough to have such husbands. We can list down at least 7 reasons why women expect their husbands to cook.

Are you one of those who would love to see your husband cook for you too? Is it because of any of the following reasons? Have a look:


1.Feel Pampered:

Once in a while, everyone likes to be pampered. If you are given an off from your daily schedule and asked to relax while your husband does the cooking, it would definitely be a treat, right? The mere thought of relaxing and having dinner served at the table surely seems to be royal.

Imagine how free you would be from your daily chore of cooking, which involves making a choice as to the menu, gathering material, preparing the ingredients, cooking, cleaning and serving? Feels perfect!


2.Share Time Together:

Another reason why women expect their husbands to cook is to share time together. In this fast-paced life, getting time to sit together is very limited. So, if the couple takes to cooking, they can share sometime together and also have fun cooking together.


3.Creates Balance In The Home:

No one is a super human. Everyone has limitations; and when it comes to doing household chores, they are endless. If a man shares the job of doing the cooking, then work can become a little easier for the lady. A balance can be created at home with regard to work.


4.Manage Home Better:

A home set up with love and an attitude of sharing and caring is always managed better. One of the 7 reasons why women expect their husbands to cook is to manage the house better.

In times, when the woman has to go out and is running out of time for cooking, the man can take charge in such situations.


5.Set An Example For Children:

The home is the first school of a child. When a child sees an atmosphere of understanding and chore-sharing, he/she learns to respect the household chores also.

Sadly, many homes do not have that kind of planning and understanding, which leaves a biased impression on the mind of a child.


6.Avoid Panic In Times Of Crisis:

Let us face the reality of life. No woman is a super woman, and is very likely to fall ill. What happens then? Food is required for everyone and the family cannot survive on outside food at all times.

Someone has to do the cooking. This is again one of the reasons why women expect their husbands to cook.


7.Bring About Variety In A Man’s Life:

Cooking can be a very relaxing job. There are many occasions when women find their husbands in a low mood not willing to do anything.

Doing the daily office work can make them feel bored and exhausted. Cooking certainly helps elevate the mood.

Therefore, cooking is an essential part of everyday life. We need to cook if we want to have home-cooked healthy food. But this job should not be branded as a woman's job only. Women would like to have their husbands cook too and here we have seen 7 reasons why women expect their husbands to cook as well.

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Story first published: Monday, February 15, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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