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Signs Your Husband Is A Mama’s Boy

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All of us love our parents. It is a very healthy quality. In fact, if we are incapable of loving our parents then we are not human.

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Loving one's mother is a divine quality. But treating others in a bad way is an inhuman quality. If your husband loves his mother, then you don't need to find any fault with it.

But during that process, if he insults you or makes things inconvenient for you to live with him, then it is up to you about how you solve it.

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If you stay silent, a lifetime of suffering could torment you. If you deal with it hastily, a good human being like your husband may misunderstand you. So, find a smooth way of resolving the issue. Though we aren't providing any solutions, here are some signs your husband is a mama's boy.


He Can’t Take Any Decision Without Mama's Help

As an independent woman, you have a mind of your own. So, you have decision making abilities but you're surprised to see your husband consulting his mom for every small decision. That irritates you a bit. This is one of the first signs he is a mama's boy.


He Never Supports You When His Mom Shouts At You

He thinks his mom is always right. So, when his mom shouts at you for no reason, he prefers to be just a silent spectator. Did this happen to you?


He Asks You To Be Like His Mom

That sounds funny to you. But he asks you to dress up like his mom, cook like his mom, behave like his mom and worship his mom. His mom is his role model and he expects an ideal woman should be like her.


He Spends More Time Talking To Her

When his mom is out of station for a few days, he spends all his time talking to her on phone. And yes, he sometimes keeps complaining on phone that you are not cooking like her!


He Needs Her Permission To Even Touch You!!

That sounds ridiculous but he wants his mom's approval before expanding his family.


He Tells All Your Secrets To His Mom

You trust your husband and tell him everything about your life and past. He tells them to his mom. She starts suspecting you and starts ill-treating you. Did this happen?


When You Go On A Holiday.....

When you go on a holiday, you tend to take your husband to a romantic and lonely spot and slowly try to kindle his passion. He suddenly reaches his phone, calls his mom and says "Mom, I miss you! You should have come with us" and weeps for a while!

Well, there is nothing wrong in that. Let him love his mother. But if his love troubles you, then you can voice out your opinion and try to find a solution.

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