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What Makes A Woman Upset?

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It is tough for any guy to figure out what makes a woman upset. The problem is when you make your girlfriend upset, you can't live a peaceful life. That is why it is better to know what really makes a woman upset.

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Generally, women don't give you a list of things that would make them upset before starting the relationship. But it is good for you to know about those things because you surely would love to live peacefully.

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Any relationship depends upon your capacity to keep the other person happy. If you constantly make her upset with every single action of yours, you will seldom be allowed to stay in the relationship.


No Matter What, Tell Her The Truth

Women can sense when you're telling a lie. So, better tell her the truth even if she is going to slap you. A slap is better than a breakup.


No Matter What, Don't Praise Any Other Girl

If you praise the beauty of any other girl in front of your girlfriend, expect a world war!


No Matter What, Answer Her Phone On The First Ring

If you wait till the second ring, wild thoughts might come to her head and she might even suspect you. Be eager to talk to her.


When She Is Stressed Out, Don't Say 'Just Chill'

Women have to deal with lots of physiological aspects too. So, you can't just say 'just chill' when she is totally stressed out thinking about a problem.


No Matter What, Never Call Her Pet Like A Dog

She loves her pet and can never tolerate you if you treat her pet dog like a dog. In fact, it is good for you to learn to respect animals too.


No Matter What, Never Break A Promise

Even if it is a very small matter, never break a promise as every promise carries trust.


No Matter What, Don't Hurt Her Loved Ones

Be very careful when you interact with her loved ones, friends, and family members. If you hurt anyone of them, you will be out of her life forever.


No Matter What, Never Give Her Second Priority

Any woman wants to be the first priority to her man. If you give her the second place, she will never give a place in her heart.

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