Important Facts About Divorce

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A recent study claims that more than 40% of the married couples are walking towards divorce. This figure is disturbing as it indirectly might mean that marriage is only 60% stable.

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And when researchers took a look at the problems of the couples, they were surprised to know that a majority of them were passionately in love before they were married.

As the institution of family is very important for a healthy society, it is important to delve into the facts about divorce to understand where things are going wrong.

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Also, as children are the future citizens, it is important to strengthen the marriage bond in order to raise healthy children who build a better world in the future. Now let us discuss some facts about divorce.


Yes, Gender Roles Are Still Playing A Role

According to that study there are still some people filing for divorce due to failures in playing certain gender roles. This means that women who expect that the man should be the sole provider are not liking men who fail to earn more. Also, men who still believe that a woman should cook in the kitchen are seeking divorce when the wife fails to cook.



Another strong reason behind a percentage of divorces is addictions like smoking and drinking. Yes, many couples are parting ways.


The Desire To Marry An Ex

Some couples file for divorce due to closeness towards an ex. Yes, some people long to get back to an ex when problems surface in their current marriage.


Divorced Friends

If your circle is filled with lots of divorced friends who keep saying that divorce is better that staying in a marriage then your chances of seeking divorce could be higher according to this study.


Porn Addiction

Yes, there are a few couples who parted ways due to porn and perverted bed behaviour.


Marrying A Fling May Not Work

Many people who marry someone with whom they had an affair tend to regret marriage after the magic is over. Such couples consist of 17% of the divorces. Marriages can't work only on physical attraction.


Some Divorced Couples Stalk Each Other

A study claims that nearly 40% of the divorced couples either remain in touch on social platforms or try to stalk one another. Relationship experts say that moving on is better instead of keeping a track of an ex spouse and feeling bad or jealous.


Counseling May Work

Many couples who planned divorce, got back and lived happily after seeking help from counseling therapists. So, counseling might work!

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Story first published: Saturday, January 30, 2016, 4:27 [IST]
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