Do Women Lie About Their Past?

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Why do women lie? A recent survey says that women would prefer to keep their romantic past secret especially if they feel that they will be perceived as promiscuous. On the other hand, men prefer to boast about the number of partners and brag about the things they did in bed.

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The study questioned more than a 1000 men and women who were between 18 and 25 years. The study was divided into three parts. The first round is where the person's answers were totally anonymous.

The second round involved answering the questions in the presence of researchers and the third round involved answering the same questions but with lie detectors on. The study finally concluded that men prefer exaggerating their romantic lives whereas women feel like hiding as much as possible.

Their main concern as reported to the researchers was the fear of being labeled as unstable or promiscuous. If women aren't seen as adulterous, they will surely be frank about their past.

In the future, the social conditions will surely change and women would surely feel free to open up comfortably about their past or sexual preferences, say researchers.

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Also, it is natural to fall in love at some or the other phase of life. Some relationships may go stable whereas some may fail. When a breakup happens, we tend to move on and try to find another soul mate. This doesn't mean that our past can be judged.

Now, let us discuss why the past of anyone doesn't matter when it comes to starting a relationship.


Its Over

When its over, its over. There is no use looking at the past of your partner or dig all the negative things about it.


We Have No Control Over It

As nobody can change the past, it is better to leave it there. When you can't change your own past, can you change your partner's?


It Taught Us Lessons

We all learn lessons by doing mistakes. The same applies to the people who come into our lives. They had their own share of mistakes just like us. Why judge?


The Future Is What Matters

Everything that happened in the past is just a preparation for a bright future. So, focusing on your future helps.


We All Have Good And Bad Times

There is nothing wrong in falling and raising in life a that is how we all grow. So, it doesn't make sense if you look down upon someone who went through a bad phase in love life.


Judging Anyone Doesn't Help

Labeling someone tells more about us than the other person. Nothing in this world is absolute to be labeled because things change, people change, perceptions change and so should our opinions.


Experienced People Are Better

Many surveys have proved that experienced people do well in all areas of life including relationships. So, why judge someone who has been in multiple relationships that never worked?

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