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Do Couples Make Love On First Night?

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Okay, let us not generalise anything. But frankly speaking, most of the couples seldom make love on the first night, though first nights are meant for that.

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Also, it depends upon the marriage. In an arranged marriage, you are almost with a stranger and that might make you nervous to even start talking to someone in the bedroom. So, in that case, making love without even getting to know each other might be very tough.

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When it comes to couples who are in love, the first nights generally tend to happen before marriage. Even on such occasions, some couples may not feel free to get naked on the first occasion itself. So, let us discuss the reasons why...


New Atmosphere

When you are in a new place, your body first tries to find comfort levels. Unless your whole being feels comfortable, you may not be able to open up and feel free with the other person.


They Are New To Each Other

Even though you have had many conversations in the past, when it comes to your physical bodies, both of you are still strangers if you haven't touched each other till now. That would make you a bit nervous because first touch could make you anxious.


Comfort Zone Is Missing

It is very tough to find your comfort zone with someone unless you spend enough time with him or her. This is why touching each other on the first night may not be possible in most of the cases.


Too Tired Due To Rituals

In some cultures, the marriage rituals are very lengthy and tiring. This could also make the couple very tired and exhausted. In such cases, making love on the first night could seem like a very challenging task and that's why couples prefer to fall asleep instead of sweating it out in bed.


Lots Of Inhibitions

You can't simply remove your clothes in front of anyone so easily. Of course, the other person is your life partner but still, it would take some time for you to get rid of inhibitions and feel free.



Some people may not allow anyone to touch unless they are intellectually compatible or excited. In such couples, intimacy may take longer than the rest of the couples and therefore, they don't make love on the first night itself.


Starting Slow

Some couples who wish to relish every single touch would generally like to take it slow. So, they would prefer only hugs and kisses on the first night and gradually take it to love making in a few days or weeks. Such couples enjoy every single moment very slowly and they hate to rush to that 'part' so fast.

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Story first published: Friday, August 19, 2016, 9:59 [IST]
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