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What Are Male Periods?


Is your man a peaceful and a stable guy on almost all days except a few days of the month? Does he suddenly get upset for even small things during those days? Does he feel tired and lazy? Does he feel sensitive during those days? Does he sulk? Does he display mood swings? Does he pick up meaningless arguments and suddenly become silent? Does he behave as if he is on 'periods'?


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Do men have periods? Is there something known as irritable male syndrome? Do men have monthly cycles? Of course, men don't need sanitary pads but yes, they do have fluctuations and hormonal shifts and some researchers have found that these cycles do have a monthly pattern.

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If your man shows his irritation, gets emotional or displays mood-swings then he must be on his cycle of the month! May be, it is time you understand what he is going through and support him by offering a free hug and some empathy. That might help him cope up with the hormonal fluctuations he is going through! Seriously! Read on...


Fact #1

In a recent survey, many women who were interviewed about their men, revealed that their male partners displayed certain conditions that are normally associated with menstrual cycle. They showed symptoms like

fatigue, sensitivity, anxiety, mood swings and so on.


Fact #2

Nearly 45% of the women who participated in the survey said that they observed such symptoms during a few days of every month!


Fact #3

More than 50% of the women admitted that they could observe their men feeling irritable while undergoing the so-called man periods.


Fact #4

Some women also reported that they could sense tiredness and some women reported that their men displayed more cravings during the man-period phase. Also, they reported that men tend to get upset very fast during that sensitive phase.


Fact #5

Just like women, even men do undergo hormonal changes (testosterone) but till date no study indicates that men undergo something similar to monthly cycles.


Fact #6

IMS or irritable male syndrome is accompanied by symptoms like confusion, low libido, lethargy, anxiety, moodiness, fatigue, anger and depression. Generally, only a woman who is very close to a man can observe such symptoms when a man is on his cycle.


Fact #7

A study claims that men do experience changes in hormonal levels almost every hour. Generally, the changes and fluctuations tend to be very high during teenage, youth and mid life. In other phases, they may not be noticeable in some men whereas in some, they are quite evident. Well, putting aside the possibility of such phenomena, just remember this: your man needs lots of hugs and kisses whether he experiences such a cycle or not. So, be generous and offer him some care.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 16, 2016, 10:48 [IST]
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