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What Not To Do When He Cries

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Sometimes, even men cry. Of course, they cry secretly as the society expects a man to stay tough. Most of us perceive crying as weakness. But on rare occasions, crying can actually heal the heart and relieve one from pain.

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Maybe that's why some men cry only in front of their women. It's a very private affair for a man. Men sometimes feel tons of pressure in their lives too. When they have to release the grief in the heart, shedding tears is an option.

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If your man ever cries in front of you, instead of treating it like a sign of weakness, remember that it's a sign of trust, love and strength. It means he has just let the guard down and treated you as his private person. He needs some hugs and consoling lines.

Now, let us discuss what not to do when he cries...


Mistake #1

Don't ask "Are you crying?" If you have seen tears in his eyes he is crying. If you ask the question, he may feel embarrassed. He may then hide his feelings instead of expressing them to you.


Mistake #2

Don't say "Take it easy, dude!" Then he feels like a fool for crying in front of you. He thinks that he perceives something seriously when he is expected to take it easily.


Mistake #3

Don't sit there silently. When he is crying, all he needs is a comforting touch. Hug him and relieve him from the pain.


Mistake #4

Don't try to kiss him thinking that he would stop crying. He will feel irritated. He needs to first release his grief before he gets into the mood of kissing.


Mistake #5

Don't change the topic thinking that he may forget his pain. In fact, diverting the mind is a temporary solution. True resolution happens when you allow the pain to be released by giving attention to it completely.


Mistake #6

Don't say "Talk to your mom, honey! You may feel better". This may make him think that you are trying to escape.


Mistake #7

Don't argue. At that time, arguing or analysing anything is useless. When someone is emotional, it is impossible to be rational. So, simply allow his emotions to pass through. A hug will do all the magic. And then both of you can strengthen the bond and carry on with life.

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