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Does She Avoid Eye Contact?

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Don't worry if your girl avoids eye contact with you. It could just mean two things. She dislikes or, she likes you. Are you wondering why she would avoid eye contact when she likes you?

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Well, some women feel shy to maintain eye contact. They may feel awkward to look directly at you. Or they may consider it as a way to express their feelings.

So, you don't need to lose hopes just because a woman avoids eye contact with you. But at the same time, don't think that every girl who avoids eye contact is secretly thinking of you. No! Generally, avoiding eye contact could mean they hate you and your presence itself.

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But in rare cases, some shy women do that. Actually, eyes are the first vehicles to express yourself to someone when you are not too close to talk or flirt. If a woman avoids eye contact then that door itself is closed. Read on to know more...


Fact #1

Maybe she is not very comfortable with the idea of directly staring at you. Maybe she is staring at you when you don't notice her.


Fact #2

Shy girls generally stay amidst a group when you are around to avoid feeling awkward. They may feel conscious to stand alone when you are around.


Fact #3

If she is someone who likes you then she will look at you from a distance but will suddenly change her glance when you go close to her and act as if she have never stared at you.


Fact #4

Maintaining eye contact with a crush isn't possible in the starting stages for any women.


Fact #5

In a group of girls, if all other girls are comfortable talking to you or looking at you, she is the only one who neither talks to you nor looks at you. She looks elsewhere. This could be an indication that she is feeling shy.


Fact #6

Yes, there are some girls who ignore you even if they like you. They don't even click 'likes' on your Facebook pics even if they like you deeply. They don't even start a conversation even if they feel like talking to you. Something stops them from doing so.


Fact #7

When you try to approach such a shy girl, she may act as if she is busy, or uninterested and that may cause doubts in you. But that is just how some shy girls react at a particular age till they outgrow their shyness and fears.

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