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The First Day After Marriage

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The first day after marriage is usually a scary thought for an Indian woman. She has to go through a lot of customs and traditions, and the exciting part of it all is when she is introduced to the new family.

In India, marriages are said to be made in heaven. When a woman is welcomed into her husband's home, she has to go through a lot of changes to get accustomed to the new lifestyle.

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This new life is interesting and she has to witness a number of things to do for the very first time.
Today, Boldsky shares with its readers some of the things that a few married women have already faced. If your wedding is around the corner, then you should definitely take a look at some of these things all Indian women face on the first day after the marriage.

Be prepared to face a lot of changes and get started on a new adventure:

That First Meal

Time To Wake Up - You wake up worrying whether you slept for too long, this is one of the many things most Indian women worry about the next day after the wedding. It is best to wake up on time and get ready for all the stares your going to face.

Clothes All Around - "You can't decide what to wear", this is another thing which worries most women. Although they have a wardrobe filled entirely with new clothes.

Clothes All Around

That First Meal - You have to cook your first meal for the entire family, so basically they will judge you. This fear will make you lose out on the confidence level. So, pull yourself together and show the in-laws your hidden talents in the kitchen.

The In-laws

The In-laws - Every daughter-in-law wishes for the in-laws to fall in love with her. All you need to do, is be yourself and show them that you are for their son.
You Miss Your Family - One of the many things married women experience the next day of their wedding is the hope to see their folks soon.

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Story first published: Saturday, November 7, 2015, 16:04 [IST]
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