When Should You End Your Marriage?

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End Marriage
No person with a sane mind will tell you that ending your marital relationship is an easy affair. But sometimes, enough is enough. There is a time, when you should end your marriage for your own sake. Marriage problems are free gifts with the wedding bands. You must work on them and try to make it work. But there are certain things such as unresolvable issues between couples.

So if, you feel you have suffered enough, you better take a decision soon. To help you, these are some triggers that tell you when to end your marriage.

When To End Your Marriage?

1. When There Is No Love Left: Couples are getting divorced for several issues like incompatibility or work pressure or sheer boredom. But no ever states 'not being in love' as a reason for divorce. Are married couples not supposed to be in love? When he/she walks out of the door and there is no twinge in your heart, you can say, its over.

2. When The Misunderstanding Have Gone Too Far: Words are complicated and even the simplest of words can be cause for ending a relationship. We fire word upon word to win arguments. We never think that these words will spin a web to annihilate our relationship. When the web of misunderstood words is too thick, let it go. May be that is the only way to part decently.

3. When You Are Indifferent: The opposite of love is never hate. Hate is in reality, love that has been betrayed. The opposite of love is indifference. When you no longer want to win arguments or prove a point with your partner, apathy has set in your relationship. Apathy is much worse than hate. Hate cannot exist with love but indifference is the absence of love.

4. When Your Mental/Emotional Health Suffers: Marriage problems come with lots of side effects. It will affect your work and the quality of life you lead. But when you see that it starts affecting your mental stability, it time to call it quits. You must know when to end a marriage so that it does not become a trauma for you. Your first obligation is always to yourself.

5. When Your Kids Suffer: It is better to live separately as decent human beings rather than live together like animals. When you fight, your kids are the worse victims. You both need to come to a consensus on whether ending your relationship will be in the best interests of your kids. It can be your choice to live like a pair of wild cats. But you cannot put your kids through it.

If you are planning on getting divorced; use these relationship tips to determine, when you should really end your marriage.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 28, 2012, 17:07 [IST]
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