Do Mobile Phones Affect Marriage?

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What are the most important elements of a relationship? Love, trust, understanding and many other virtues as such right? But, there are many things that come in between. We are not talking of any human beings, but some gadgets that upset our lives in many manners. Here are a few ways in which a mobile phone affects a relationship after marriage.

Mobiles Affect Marriage

Talking On Serious Issues- Suppose both of you are talking to each other on some serious issue after marriage and suddenly from nowhere the mobile phone starts ringing. And to add to the irritation your partner would pick it up and start chatting thus forgetting the matter you were discussing a few minutes ago. A mobile phone does effect marriages in a serious manner as such.

Making Love- The worse way a mobile phone can affect a relationship is by suddenly ringing up while you are making love to each other. Just imagine both of you embracing each other while one suddenly jumps off the bed to receive a call. Be it before or after marriage, this is one of the worst ways in which a phone can affect a happy marriage.

After Office- In these times most of the couples are working. Hence the only time they see each other on week days is after they come back from office. After marriage it is really very irritating to see your partner stick to the mobile phone after coming back from work. This could be an ideal time when you can share many sweet memories and conversations with each other.

Weekends- Weekends are the only time that you get to share some quality time with your beloved. So, when you make a plan and get late for it only because your partner has to talk on phone for a long time, then you naturally get upset. This might also lead to terrible fights between the two.

When You Fight- When you fight and your partner just makes a call and starts talking just to ignore you, it is terribly upsetting. This leads to more fights, which happens to be very bad for any healthy relationship. That is how a mobile brings disturbances in a marriage.

Too Many Calls- Too many calls might arouse your suspicion. You might think that they are into an affair or some foul business. This is how a mobile phone proves to be bad for your relationship after marriage.

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