Why Parents Like To Arrange Marriages?

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Parents Arrange Marriage
There is nothing called old and new generation when it comes to planning marriages. Even today, parents would like to arrange the marriage of their children as they want to be happier than them. Although children like to meet, date and fall in love before the wedding, parents insist that they would arrange and then allow children for the same. Lets' find out the reasons why parents like to do so.

Why Parents Like To Choose Partner For Children?

1. The love and affection they have towards their children make them feel that they are better people in making choices for their brood. Many young couple complain of taking a wrong decision in choosing partner that too when circumstances get toughter but if the parents play cupid, it is always safe and secure.

2. Parents feel that children aren't as experienced as they are in judging people, they are scared that their children might be misused and dumped. Even children need to know that their parents have crossed the age they are and have a better knowledge about life.

3. In India, marriages are still arranged as the children are dependent on parents and live with them. Children value the choices of parents as they feel that their parents are better people in the matter. Although, children, in earlier days, didn't even had the opportunity to take a glimpse of their life partner (until the marriage day), times have changed.

4. Today, children are free to date, meet and then say 'yes' for the lifetime commitment but parents still have the right to choose the new family member. Especially the mother of the bride and groom have a bigger share in choosing the Mr/Ms. Right for their children.

5. The parents are technologically sound, they find partners for children through matrimonials, online dating service, emails, social network etc. Children can also assured that the partner comes from a decent family like theirs and will adjust to the lifestyle easily.

Arranging marriages in India is considered sacred as the bride and groom are seen as god and goddess on the wedding day and getting them together is the biggest task for care takers. The weddings are lavish and grand.

There are more chances of failure in love marriages as the parents do not wish to support. The bondage is built is on the weak foundation of physical attraction which can break with misunderstanding and financial problems.

If parents have a bigger share in shaping their children's career, they will also have a bigger share in deciding a partner for children so allow them to choose the best as they know what is the best.

Story first published: Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 12:06 [IST]
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