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If You Are Married To A Workaholic...

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Workaholic Spouse
It is one thing to be a careerist and quite another to be a workaholic. While careerist runs behind his/her career and the money that comes with it, a workaholic is simply in love with his/her work. Money and success are external motivators. Love runs deeper than the skin. And you get to know how it feels only when you are married to a workaholic.

Couples face lots of problems in marriage when either spouse is a workaholic.

If you are married to a workaholic..

1. You will miss the first half an hour of every movie that you manage to watch. Workaholics are incurable late comers. The only place they manage to reach on time is their work place. That too because they hardly ever leave it!

2. You will go deaf hearing the mobile phone ringing every minute. If your husband is a workaholic, he will refuse to ever put his phone on silent. Forget about it not answering a work call.

3. You will go on a vacation with yourself every once in a while. No matter how meticulously your spouse plans his/her leaves, something will always 'come up' at work. As they say, 'give work only to busy people; the others never have time'. As a result, you will have to go on your holidays alone to use at least half of the paid fare.

4. You will have to learn to eat alone.
If you had any rosy ideas about eating from the same plate as a couple, then dump them. If you are married to a workaholic, you will have to get used to a lifetime of having lonely dinners. If you wait for your spouse, you'll starve till death.

5. You'll raise a single parent family. If you have children, they will be brought up solely by you. Literally speaking, workaholics are very selfish because they spare no time for anything except for their passion, that is work. It is an achievement that they managed to make the babies with you!

6. Don't forget to remind him/her of your birthday or anniversary. This is because he or she will certainly not remember it. There is a brilliant joke fitting this situation. Once a wife gave a gift to her husband. He asked her what it was for. She said that it was his anniversary. He reply was, 'thank you so much honey, I'll give you one on yours'!

Get married to a workaholic only if you are prepared to face these marriage problems.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 19, 2012, 12:55 [IST]
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