A Happy Marriage: Conditions Applied

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Leading a happy and fun filled life is a dream for all. But nothing comes free in this world. You need to make certain compromises to make a happy marriage. There are certain prerequisite terms, conditions and expectations laid down all. You simply cannot keep on expecting without trying to give something in return.

It is just not enough for the two of you to be good human beings. To make a successful marriage you need some other things too. The saying that , 'love is unconditional' does not stand good in the present times. The meaning of a marriage boils down to two four letter words. And they are 'love' and 'give'. Let us see some useful marriage tips that can make your marriage successful.

Happy Marriage

Understand- Its never 50/50. You give 70 and get 30. That's the way it is. Girls always expect their man to be chivalrous. They want him to understand what they want even before they say it. Though it is quite a difficult job on the part of guys, but trust me, you have to develop this skill to keep her happy. And if the lady in the house is happy then no one can prevent your marriage from being a successful one.

Compromise- Compromise is the first keyword to a happy marriage. And guess what, who is on the heavier side. Of course guys, and who else? You have to agree to things even if you do not like it. For example, you always have to appreciate a dish cooked by her no matter how bad it tastes. You have to watch a movie even if you feel asleep while she wants it. Forget hanging out with friends, late night parties etc. And most importantly, learn to say " Yes darling". If you are able to do all these things then you are on the right way for making a happy marriage.

Keep The Spirit Alive- One of the most useful marriage tips for a happy marriage is to keep the spirit of romance alive for years. You must have seen many old couples who are still madly in love with each other. Go out on dates and keep the charm and friendship alive between the two of you. This a general expectation fostered by all. If you are able to live up to these conditions, all is fine or else there is trouble waiting.

If you are able to follow all of these marriage tips then you will lead a happy married life for years to come.

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