Divorce Getting Dirty? Avoid These Mistakes!

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Dirty Divorce
As if getting a divorce is not traumatic enough, you have all the dirty tricks in the book to make it worse. When a couple is going through divorce then they should try and make it as peaceful as possible because they owe to themselves and if they have children then to the children. When you go to a lawyer for divorce advice, get the legal part right but do not play into their hands and make your divorce dirty.

Marriages are breaking up every now and then these days which is why you have to be prepared for the worst while getting a divorce and still maintain your sanity.

7 Steps To Getting A Peaceful Divorce:

1. Be Fair With Money: A divorce almost always involves a financial settlement from either side unless both parties forfeit their claims. Now you have to put your bitterness aside and think fairly. If you think that her demand for alimony is just then don't challenge it. And if you feel you can take care of your needs why beg for alimony?

2. Dispose Off Joint Property: It is very difficult to get a equitable distribution of joint properties like houses and cars so it is best to sell them off and then divide the cash. Lawyers make issues out these trifles in court so don't play into their hands. You'll end up losing more than you gain.

3. The Children Must Be Taken Care Off: No matter what happens to the two of you, the children must be taken care off and that should be your joint motto. If you cannot trust each other then set up trust funds or put the money the name of the children.

4. Do Not Divulge Dirty Secrets: Getting a divorce becomes a session of public embarrassment when any of the partners pulls out dirty secrets to justify their claims. You pull out one rabbit from the bag and she will pull out another. This way the divorce gets dirty as the can of worms is open.

5. Do Not Drag Your Families: It is best not to pull your parents and extended family into the proceedings of a dirty divorce. Once the blame game is started neither side will be able escape. Moreover separating for parents is not the smartest thing to do.

6. Do Not Spy on Partner: Many lawyers may advise you to use a private detective to track your partners whereabouts. Do not give in to the temptation. What your partner does when the divorce is eminent hardly matters. Your activities too can be misrepresented in court.

7. Don't Pull Cheap Stunts: Splurging on your partner's credit cards, intercepting their calls or maligning their character are cheep stunts that you should not be pulling; if not anything else you won't lose your dignity.

Get the right kind of divorce advice and avoid these silly mistakes; you can prevent the divorce from getting nasty.

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Story first published: Monday, January 9, 2012, 13:41 [IST]
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