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Why To Fight After Getting Married?

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There are many reasons as to why fights are good after marriage. Every couple no mater how much they love each other fight often. And there are many reasons as to why these fights are good. Here are a few explanations through which you can think of your fights to be a good and positive aspect of your marital relationship.

Expression- After marriage when two different individuals come to live with each other then there are many conflicts. Two individuals with two different view points come to live under the same roof. It is quite obvious that they would be sharing two different view points. So, it is always good to express them, rather than keep things within. This lays the foundation for a healthy relationship. This is why fights are good.

Fights Good

No Compromise- Compromises are never healthy for a relationship. Whenever a person tries to compromise to make their husband or wife happy then, there is always a hidden regret inside them. This comes out at a later stage and then there are much more conflicts in the relationship. Hence fights are always good at the right times.

Lets Out Emotions- Fights are good and healthy in your relationship after marriage as it lets out all your negative and harmful emotions. It is never possible for a person to like everything in his/her partner. Hence, whenever there is a fight all of it comes out. Fights as such are good in a way. Through them there is an outlet of harmful emotions.and a person is relieved. There are positive vibes in the relationship once more.

Get To Rectify- Once you get to know where you are wrong in a relationship then you get to rectify yourself and make things better. This is one of the primary reasons of fights being good and healthy in a relationship. You change the bad habits in you for the happiness of your husband or wife. And nothing can be better than than that.

Patch Up- This is one of the sweetest parts of fights after marriage. Instead of compromising in a relationship for each other's sake fight it out. The results are very sweet after a patch up.  You fondle and embrace each other all the more. And not to forget the little things that you do for each other like buying flowers, cooking each others favourite dishes that adds a ton to the sweetness of a relationship.

So, don't be sad the next time you fight with your partner. Remember that such fights are good for the beginning of a healthy relationship after marriage.

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