5 Most Bizarre Reasons For Taking Divorce

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Bizarre Divorce Reasons
If we had to state a one word reason for divorces these days, then it would be 'intolerance'. Just like ethnic and religious intolerance has caused so much violence in the world, intolerance at the personal level has wreaked havoc in marital lives. Intolerance is therefore, responsible for all the silly reasons we state to get away with an easy divorce. Marriage problems that always existed have become reasons for divorce due to this lack of patience to tolerate each other.

Here are the some of the most bizarre reasons that have been legally stated as the cause of divorce. Mind you, some of these reasons are funny than serious.

Most Bizarre Reasons For Divorce:

1. Snoring: Well most married couples from the previous generations didn’t mind sleeping soundly next to their snoring partners. But, who has that tolerance now? If you have an important office meeting at 8 in the morning and couldn't sleep whole night because your spouse was snoring, then you will surely get pissed off. You will probably head straight to the divorce lawyer's office after your meeting!

2. Bad Breath: Now that's another problem. Is it a big enough problem to end your marriage? Priorities have changed and so have our tolerance levels. May be a more appropriate legal reason for this divorce should be, 'I can't kiss my husband because he stinks'.

3. Nagging: This one just place cherry on the cake. About a decade back, the first divorce case was concluded in favour of a man seeking relief from his nagging wife. It was a 12 year old marriage during which this poor man bore the insistent nagging of his wife. Since then, nagging in Indian courts is a legitimate cause to file a divorce.

4. The Shy Bride: A bit of bashfulness was supposed to be a turn on for the new groom. But, there is a man who actually divorced his wife saying she was 'too shy'. He was not able to find any compatibility with his wife because she wouldn't 'open up' to him. We might laugh at this but, only the sufferer knows!

5. Monster In Law:
Most women do not get along with their mother-in-laws. It is a source of problems in the marriage that has existed from time immemorial. However, there was an interesting case of divorce that occurred because the groom insisted on taking his mother to their honeymoon. The bride warned him but, he refused to oblige eventually leading to divorce.

Getting a divorce is very casual these days. Is that resulting in a lack of motivation for couples to work on their problems? These bizarre reasons for divorce definitely indicates so.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 12, 2012, 16:30 [IST]
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