A Couple Must Be Money Mates

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It is believed that to be good for a couple to have differences of nature and opinions. It may be true that being totally compatible in every aspect of life makes the marriage a bit dull. Differences on the other hand can make a couple compliment each other. However, when it comes to the question of money, a couple must share the same mind. If they don't, their marital relationship eventually becomes strained.

The only difference between a dating relationship and marriage is money. When you get married, you not only share your home and life with your partner but also your finances. Gone are the days where women stayed at home and men took care of the rest. In a modern family set-up, it becomes essential for a couple to be money mates. If they are not, then the awkward situations mentioned here can occur.

Money Mates

When Couples Are Not Money Mates...

1. You save up for your dream holiday and he splurges his share on an expensive gadget. According to you, you cannot afford the gadget and it is a bad investment because the technology will go out of trend in a couple of years but the holiday will remain as a memory with you forever. He believes that a vacation is a luxury you cannot afford and if you want it, you should pay for it! Neither of you are wrong and the debate continues..

2. She buys you a super expensive watch and runs out of money at the end of the month. This means she has to borrow cash from you to run her expenses. So, you end up paying for the watch she and also her other shopping bills on her credit card. If you are the kind of person who believes in saving money, this will appear like an irresponsible act to you. If your partner spends all your money, then marriage becomes a financial liability.

3. You are struggling to save money and he decides to buy a car that you, as a couple, cannot afford. You put all your saving into it reluctantly. He frequently falls back on EMIs and you pay up. A few years later, when you want to start your own business he refuses to invest in it. Guess why? It is because he has no saving to invest. Not only is your partner a spendthrift, but also a very selfish man. Money that a couple spends has to be shared equally.

4. You married an educated and independent woman capable of supporting herself. But she suddenly turns into a typical housewife after marriage. She believes in saving her money or spending it according to her own choice. She refuses to contribute to the couple's combined expenses like vacations and investments. You think that this is regressive mentally for a woman of her standing. The way money affects marriage is strange but very evident.

You may disagree with your partner about everything else but when it comes to money, a couple must learn to agree with each other. If a couple doesn't have financial compatibility then the marriage would be on the rocks for sure.

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