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Couple Fights That Can Get Real Ugly

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Couple Fights
When a married couple fights, they disregard all rules of decency. If you are unfortunate enough to witness such an ugly fight then you will know what I mean. They become unrecognizable for the time being when they are venting their rage. It is neither healthy nor right for a couple to stoop so low from their own standards of behavior. But that is the nature of marriage when conflict of interest creeps into it.

Here are certain points at which a couple's fight can get really nasty.

When A Couple's Fight Gets Ugly..

1. 'You are living off my money.'
Financial dealing can turn the sweetest of friendships sour. A married couple has no escape; they have to talk about money and when they do, the fights are ugly. You must be wondering what happened to the good old concept of love that was beyond materialistic? Wake up! It is extinct. Now a days where both partners earn equally well, financial decisions too are taken jointly. That makes it a vein of contention that can hardly be touched.

2. 'Your mother wants to get rid of me.'
Although this statement usually comes from the female end, men too are touchy about this entity called 'monster in law'. Most often people don't end up getting along with their mother in laws. To make things worse they try very hard. So when they fail, the effort put behind the failed relationship makes them bitter. The ready made scapegoat for this frustration is usually the spouse.

3. 'You are not fit to be a parent.'
A neutral statement that can issue from any end of the gender battle. Usually this statement has nothing to do with the marriage conflict at hand. It is merely indicative of a far more deep seated marriage problem that both are trying to suppress. When you are in an ugly fight your kids become your common props to hurt each other where it hurts the most. '

4. 'You are lucky I ever married you.'
Most of the time, coming from the female end of the combat, this statement it totally illogical. The marriage is over and done with and it was exactly what you wanted. These kind of phrases are either meant just to hurt or gain attention from one's spouse. But when a couple is fighting, this is an indicator that the water has gone above it's mark..

5. 'Say that again and I will leave you.'
You can say it another 20 times and make the fight much more nasty but he or she will not leave you. When things are really going out of control, one of the partners just loses it and pelts a threat. It symbolises that if nothing works this will. Fortunately this is followed by a speedy end to the distasteful affair.

These relationship tips talk about how couples fight and do so totally in vain.

Story first published: Friday, March 16, 2012, 17:07 [IST]
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