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Can You Ever Change Your Spouse?

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There is a famous saying that goes something like this; a man marries a woman hoping that she won't change but she does and a woman marries a man hoping that he will change but he doesn't. Change is an inevitable part of life and after marriage, some changes are mandatory.

Sometimes, it can be really frustrating if your spouse refuses to change and adapt to a married life. You cannot still treat your house like a bachelor's pad and bring over frinds whenever you want. Many couples have problems due to this reluctance to change.

Change Spouse

If you feel that your spouse has not changed enough, then here are some ways to make him or her realise it.

Don't Change Yourself: Some husbands just refuse to help with household chores. Many working wives still go back home and cook food for their family. It becomes very difficult for the wife alone to manage at all ends. So give him the taste of his own medicine one day. Don't cook any food and just lie around to relax. After 3 days of ordering pizzas he will get the message.

Shopoholic Wife: After marriage you have to change the way you spend and be more responsible. But some wives are incurable shopoholics. The best way to make your spouse change in this case is give them a reality check. The next time she wants to go out for dinner, tell her that she has already blown all the cash on her shopping. She may throw a tantrum but eventually good sense will come knocking on your wife's door.

Teach With Examples: It may not be that your spouse doesn't want to change. May be he or she has no idea that marriage requires changes. Some people can be naive and overlook the finer aspects of married life. In that case you need to point out the changes that you have made in your life so that your spouse can comprehend the complexity of marital life.

Change For The Better?: What we were talking about till now were all minor lifestyle changes. However, would you like it if your spouse changes as person. Do not change the essence of your spouse's personality. Always remember that he or she should remain the person you loved. Don't expect hime to change so much that you cannot recognise him anymore.

Be The Change: And if you realise that none of these points are applicable to you then wake up; you are the one who needs to change. Make the changes that your spouse wants you to make. A tit for tat approach doesn't always work when couples have problems.

Your spouse can change provided you too are willing to change. Has your husband or wife changed for the better after marriage?

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