Why Need Acting Skills After Marriage?

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Marriage is such an event that completely changes the course of a man or woman's life. Life can obviously not be a bed of roses all the time. After marriage you will find the happiness and bliss of staying with your partner. But at the same time, you will come across many woes and worries. The more you deal with such marriage problems with a cool head, the better for you. There will come many such situations when you have to act good or smile superficially even when you don't want to. So lets see how and in what situations you need acting skills after marriage.

Husband-. A man is born with a natural acting talent to impress. And he crafts this talent very well to impress his wife after marriage. The best is when a guy tries to hide the fault of his parents that are creating marriage problems. And guess what, that is not the end of it. Sometimes men even go up to the mark of saying ''What if this has happened, at least my parents are better than your friends." And trust me, most of the times they will have a very glad face when they gift you jewellery after marriage. But in their heart of hearts they would say, " Oh! My money."

 Acting After Marriage

Wife- It is said that even God cannot understand women. Then how can you expect a mortal man to understand what his wife is thinking? A woman has many roles to play. And she has to do a lot of acting for the purpose. Acting in front of in-laws, acting for husband and so on. It becomes really difficult on a girl's part sometimes to adjust with her in-laws. But no matter what the in-law problems are, all she can do is smile and say, " Your mother is such a fine cook", "Your father is so understanding", "Your sister is so friendly" etc. While she keeps murmuring just the opposite in her mind.

In-Laws- The relationship between a girl and her in-laws is most of the times build by compromise. A girl does the best of her acting to avoid any kind of marriage problems that might be created by her in-laws. She gladly agrees to tolerate most of their whims and fancies in the initial years of her marriage. And she does it just to create a good impression of herself in the eyes of her new family. It is the same from the other side too. Though a daughter-in-law can never really be a daughter, in-laws will keep claiming the same to everyone to show how broad minded they are.

So keep up your acting skills after marriage to maintain peace in the family. And if you are not gifted with the natural talent to do it, then try to develop this skill after marriage. It will save you a lot of troubles.

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