How 55+ Celebrate Valentines Day?

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Valentines Day
For 55+, Valentines day is an occasion that reminds them of those good old days. The days they met their partner for life. The days they fought, laughed and got lost. It is the day that reminds of the gifts and compliments. Golden memories hidden in the heart will get some focus by taking a look at the red roses, heart shaped candles, chocolates and songs. Today, we shall discuss on what valentines day mean to them and more.

If you ask the 55-yr-olds about Valentines day, some may laugh and react to it in a funny manner, some also are annoyed about the idea as everyday is a valentine day to them. To some, it is the day to gift the needy, day for service and the list goes on. Here is what some aged men and women told us about what they think of the celebration.

1. For a 55-yr-old school teacher from Bangalore, Valentines day is the day to have dinner in a 3-star restaurant. She likes to relish some Chinese food with family.

2. A 59-yr-old florist, Teresa feels Valentines day as the day for good business. She says that atleast 100 to 250 bouquets get sold online and some part of her earnings will go to the nearby church charity funds.

3. Basavappa, a bus conductor feels valentines day as the most colourful day of the year as girls and women who travel in bus wear attractive outfits and look decked all day. He says that likes to listen old Rafi songs all day.

4. Sajjan, famous Orthodontist says he likes wearing pink on Valentines day to educate youngsters on AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

5. Purushottam Rao, a 75-yr-old businessman hates valentines day as the teenagers disturb his afternoon sleep by laughing, singing songs in the park that is opposite of his house.

We also interviewed one of the political party workers and they said that valentines day is just another day to them.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 14, 2012, 15:43 [IST]
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