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Dealing A Money Minded/Stingy Partner

Of course, money is the important thing in the world but a bigger thing is humanity. People who would have gone through tough times in life get extremely money minded or stingy as they think that more the money, more secure their life is. People who give a lot of importance to money hardly care about relationship and spouse.

They go on saving money and miss all the best moments of life. They finally end up losing people to share joy and appreciate the luxuries. Today, we shall talk about money minded partners who need to be dealt as soon as possible as it is no less a mental disorder. Take a look.

Dealing A Money Minded Partner/ Stingy Husband

1. Give More Love – As his spouse, you need to give more love and care to him. He needs to understand that money cannot buy feelings and such things are short lived. Plan to enact that you are not keeping fine and require lot of money for medication and treatment. He will definitely have to understand that even if he is ready to spend money, the medication may/may not be successful.

2. Buy Him Books Of Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi – These are the people who made difference to the world and showed that money and richness cannot make a difference to self. A monk who sold his ferrari and Steve Jobs' biography are also inspiring books for stingy husbands.

3. Give Up Things To Win Heart – Don't be argumentative to prove your ideas. Always give up and make him understand that that gives you more pleasure. Buy him gifts that will change him as a person. A flower stalk, a painting or a pen can make him love art and understand the true meaning of love.

4. Encourage Him To Travel And Meet New People – When a person travels, he will understand there are better things in life than materialistic comforts. The gigantic mountains will teach him to be as firm as they are despite the disasters. The rain will purify his thoughts and the greenery will make him feel joy. He has to understand as nature is giving him everthing that he wants for free.

5. Never Allow Him Be Alone – Take him out, accompany him for entertainment so that he will forget past and become a new individual. You can even take him to a psychiatrist if he is too stubborn and is instead very proud of being a money minded partner.

Story first published: Tuesday, December 20, 2011, 17:35 [IST]
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