How To Make Your Spouse/Wife Jealous?

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Wife Jealous
Every relationship will have its own pros and cons but sometimes having cons will add good spice to life and makes it more funny and easy. 'Jealousy thee name of a women' is a well known shakespearean proverb but making the spouse feel jealous is a happy thing for most men of today as they feel it to be special and big. Today, we will discuss on the ways to make your partner or spouse feel jealous. Take a look.

Making Your Partner/ Spouse Jealous

1. Use Social Network – Most men and women meet and get close through a social network so make new friends and develop new contacts with people. A hot lady's pic on your page will surely make your partner jealous. Chatting more often with your colleague or old school friend can fume her to the core.

2. Get Busy On Weekends – Always plan weekends with family members, cousins, friends or colleagues. Weekends are the only time your wife would be waiting to discuss things with you but you not being available will freak her out totally.

3. Praise All The Ladies Other Than Her – Does she hate somebody in your family, praise the lady enough to see your wife going red out of jealousy. Mother-in-law can be one of the examples, comparing her to her in-law and telling her that she is not as perfect as the old lady will totally drain her patience levels.

4. Get Selfish – You party hard all night and buy stuffs just for yourself. Wear them in front of your wife and ask how it looks on you. This will definitely tempt her to know if you have bought anything for her and disappointment leads to jealousy as she may doubt you gifting some other woman.

5. Watching Television All Day – Men watching tv has always been a jealous issue for women as they cannot divert them towards their beauty even for seconds. Your wife may be in high spirits to dance with you and wear a skimpy outfit, you not even looking towards her will make her jealous and blackmail you through tears.
These spouse jealous ideas may seem silly but one thing that you need to understand is that women are silly and always lose their mind for irrelevant things in life. And if your spouse is too much to handle then these jealous ideas can become break up tips if continued it for longer time.

If suppose these relationship tips failed to make your spouse/wife feel jealous then it is confirmed that she is matured and practical enough. Just forget about everything and lead a happy life by doing and being the way you want.

Story first published: Tuesday, October 11, 2011, 16:56 [IST]
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