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How Should Husband Control Wife?

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Husband Control Wife
A husband and wife relationship should always be a peaceful friendship, always balanced and understanding. But many women and men cross their lines of freedom and start controlling each other leading to never ending arguments. Today, we have a few important tips for husbands to control their wives and have a peaceful married life. Take a look.

In Indian history, women were not allowed to work away from home as men felt that women would start being independent and rule the family. Many even in the 21st century believe in the same idea, which, in a way, is true.

How Should Husband Control Wife? - Tips

1. Pride rules in women when they see success in their career and after that, they start controlling home. The rule no:1 to control wife is, never make her feel that your job is inferior compared to hers.

2. Women are too proud of their beauty. If the partner isn't as good as them in terms of looks, they try to rule over him and make him feel inferior. Once the man feels low it gets extremely to difficult to keep then woman in control.

3. Flattering them by shopping is one of the best tips for husbands to make their wives surrender to them. Buying things will melt them and make them feel emotional about their partner and that is time they can be tamed and kept in control.

4. Husbands can control wife by making them stay with their family. With in laws always in support for them, it is just not possible for the new entry to dominate home.

5. Proving your point in any case will make the partner feel weak and helpless, this is one of the best tips for husband to control wife.

For the wives to surrender, husbands need to keep their emotions under control. If women come to know that they melt for their attractive figure, their smartness, then it is simply over, they play with the weakness and get all the things done their way.

Story first published: Monday, September 19, 2011, 16:30 [IST]
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