10 Things You Hate In Your Wife!

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10 Things Hate In Wife
No, you don't hate your wife literally. But she simply drives you mad sometimes! Your problems with your wife begin with her terribly irritating habits which she is either unaware of or sustains purposely to spike you. It is very common for couples to have marriage problems that come out of very silly things indeed but it is these small and silly things that propound into the larger ones and make you seriously hate your wife at times.

Here is a list of 10 such problems with your wife that is more or less standard across women.

10 Thing I Hate About My Wife..

1. She nags me to death. She has told me that we have to buy new curtains and I have heard her but that is never enough. The message has to be driven home like a nail with a hammer.

2. She asks too many questions. Just a simple, 'when are you coming home' is not all. You have to answer the accompaniments like 'why are you late' 'where were you' etc. This is a common problem with wives everywhere.

3. She has a high handed attitude. Her every move reflects that she knows better than you about every single thing and you ought to start acknowledging that. That really makes to want to hate your wife.

4. She doesn't value gadgets. Well women and machines don't go well together but then who on earth asks them to open their mouths about electronic gadgets when they can't tell the difference between an PC and a Tablet!

5. She doesn't let me watch sports. She usually watches sports to ogle at sports 'men' and then she argues that XYZ is a better player because 'he looks so cute'.

6. She does back-seat driving. Not that anybody wants to put down women drivers but why won't she let you drive in peace? Do wives think that men cannot drive without their expert recommendations.

7. She uses your toiletries secretly. Ever wondered why your deodorant gets over so quickly? It is because some women have a fetish for men's colognes and they take a whiff from yours when ever you are not watching. That is fine but what you really hate about your wife is that she would never admit.

8. Self Pity thy name is Woman: You know when you hate your wife the most, when she makes it obvious that she doing you a favour just by living with you.

9. The kitchen belongs to her, please do not intrude. She will complain that you play no part in household duties but try helping her with cooking and see how she recoils like a challenged tigress!

10. She manipulates you against your parents. The worst and the most common marriage problems come out of a woman's need to own her man completely.

If women take some marriage tips from these points then a lot of common relationship problems can be avoided post marriage.

Story first published: Friday, October 21, 2011, 17:48 [IST]
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