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Is Your Husband Always Angry?

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Angry Husband
The 'angry young man' is a very attractive prototype cinema character. Everyone starting from Richard Burton to Amitabh Bachchan has played this role. But when this angry man happens to be your husband then things are not so attractive anymore. It is not uncommon for anybody to lose their temper but if your husband remains angry all the time there is more to it than meets the eye. If your husband gets angry at the drop the hat then it could culminate in a lot of marriage problems for you. You may shrug it off and ignore him today but one day your patience too will run out. So meet the problem head on and solve it.

Here are some marriage tips to help you deal with a short tempered husband.

Tips To Handle Angry Husband:

  • First you need to observe his behaviour over a period of time before you come to any conclusions. Has he always been short tempered or is it a recent phenomenon? It could also be that he quick to anger by nature but has been losing his temper too often these days. Another alternative is that he chooses only you to vent out his anger.
  • If he is not basically foul tempered and has been getting angry lately then it means that he is stressed out. He has either too much work pressure or some other personal issues that are bothering him. You need to sit face to face and talk it out with him. Once its out he will be calmer.
  • If he uses you as a punching bag to vent out the anger that he cannot vent on others then there is something wrong with your marriage. He has taken you for granted and you need to put your foot down. Give him a stern warning that you will not tolerate bad behaviour for no reason.
  • How you handle your angry husband also depends on the kind of anger he is prone to showing. If he is the passive aggressive type then you need to make him come out of his shell. Anger evaporates easily when you vent it out but silent people sit on it and it grows.
  • You are bound to have marriage problems if your husband is passive aggressive. Talk to him, irritate him further if necessary so that he comes out with it. An outburst is healthy for your relationship.
  • If your husband is the type of person who makes a scene when he loses his temper then you you better make sure he doesn't throw a temper tantrum in public. Never dispute him in presence of others if you don't want public humiliation. Get back home and sort out differences.
  • He may not do it purposely but one he makes a scene in public everyone will know about it. He may regret it later but cannot take it back so never provoke him.

Follow these simple tips to handle an angry husband.

Story first published: Wednesday, October 19, 2011, 17:39 [IST]
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