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International Men's Day 2019: 8 Signs When Women Need To Become An Emotional Support System For Men

Ladies, you may want to shower love on your man all the time and make him feel special in every way. But there can be days when your man can be upset and emotionally weak. Even though people say, men must be strong and have control over their emotions as they need to protect their family, there are times when you need to be emotional support for your man. Initially, you may not realise the same as your man might not show his emotional weakness and pretend to be strong. Thanks to the stereotype mindset of society. Therefore, this International Men's Day, which is on 19 November 2019, let your man find a safe haven in you.


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Scroll down to read about the ways in which you can support your man emotionally and reduce his loneliness.

1. When He Pretends To Be Busy

At times, your man may love staying busy in his work, but if you find your man to be staying busy at odd hours or too often for that matter, then it can be a sign that your man is either emotionally upset or is trying to ignore things around him. This doesn't mean you will bombard him with questions and start nagging him.

If you find your man is pretending to be busy unnecessarily, then you can ask him about it. Let him know that you are there for him and will help him in every situation.


2. When You Don't See Him Smiling Or Laughing Any More

You may find it weird that your man is no more the same he used to be. Such as he is no more laughing, or if he is trying to stay away from things both of you once loved to do together. You can easily figure out that something is not right with your man.

Rather than ignoring it and thinking that he himself will overcome it, help your man to walk out of his gloominess.

3. When Spending Quality Time No More Excites Him

Couples love to spend time with each other and do things to spark their romance. It is noteworthy to know, there can be an instance where your man might not be interested in going on a date. For that reason, he may be tired.

However, if your man is now and then least interested in going out with you, despite being with you, then something may be troubling your man.

You may not be able to feel it in the first place but if the same thing happens again, you need to then sort out the things with your man and let him share his problems with you.

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4. When He Is Lost In Endless Thoughts

There is no denying that we humans often prefer spending some me-time and analyse our life. But staying lost in thoughts after you are upset over something is way too different. If this is a similar case with your man where he remains quiet in an unusual way, then you need to do something to cheer up your man.

Ask what is bothering him and why is he worried? It could be anything, for example, your words may have hurt him. But without talking you won't be able to know what's the matter.

5. When There Is No Eye Contact From His End

You may agree that your man loves to make eye contact with you while both of you are talking. But one of the signs that your man is emotionally upset is that he avoids making any eye contact. In fact, he will try his best to avoid having a direct conversation. For that reason, he may be scared that you will come to know his emotional breakdown.

But then you need to let your man know that it is alright to feel emotionally low.

6. When He No More Communicates With You

Partners share their problems, thoughts, opinions and agony with each other. For that reason, this helps them in finding a solution to the problem in a better way. Also, it can be possible that for instance, you are not willing to share your problem with your partner as you want to be left alone for a while. But if your man is doing this quite often and seems to be deeply hurt by something, then rather than leaving your man on his own, ask him about his problems. This way your man will feel that he can rely on you during hard times.

7. When He Looks Tired And Exhausted At All Times

When somebody is emotionally hurt and upset over something, he or she will look lost, exhausted and tired all the time. If this is the same case with your partner then you need to become the emotional support system of your man. Initially, he may not share his problem with you, your genuine efforts will make him feel comfortable to share his problems with you.

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The patriarchal mindset of our society has led men to believe that crying or openly expressing their emotions is a sign of weakness. But, be it pain or happiness, it is the same for all gender. You can, make your man understand that it is absolutely okay to feel the emotions and let them flow.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 17:17 [IST]
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