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Be Smart, Don’t Panic! How Men Can Answer These 6 Tricky Questions Asked By Women

To all men out there! At some point in your lives, you must have been in a situation where your lady love might have asked you tricky questions. At times, in the spur of the moment, you answer something extremely that is absolutely opposite to what you are thinking. And that's the risky part.

If you are scratching your head and literally feeling scared to answer these tricky questions that might make or break your relationship, here are some cool tips to impress your lady love and bring a big smile on her face-

1. 'Am I Looking Fat In This Dress?'

Only God can save those men who will answer this question, saying 'Yes'. In fact, saying a 'No' or being diplomatic by saying 'Err', 'Mm', etc can also have a devastating effect on your relationship. But, then the women in your life will be expecting a reply right?


No matter what you say, if your emotions are not honest, she will sense it anyway. Make her feel special by saying - 'You look absolutely fine in this dress." Or "This looks stunning on you but, why don't you opt for a black dress instead?" You can also let her know, how much you like to watch her dressing up beautifully for you and that you are proud to have her in your life.

In this way, you can digress from the tricky question and make her day more beautiful.

2. 'Why Do You Love Me?'

Restrict yourself from giving very obvious answers, such as 'Because you are beautiful, cute or sweet you are' or 'Because we know each other well' as these never work. In seconds, your woman will figure out that you are telling a lie or you speaking just for the sake of giving an answer.


Therefore, think about some genuine and beautiful answers. Such as, 'I love you because you make me feel complete and happy," "World seems beautiful just because of your love." Or 'I have waited for someone like you to make my world colourful and beautiful. How could I not love someone like you?"

Trust me, this will make your lady smile and feel lucky. The important part is, you will sound genuine and romantic. And, there is a high chance that she will fall in love with you even more.

3. 'Should I Go For A Haircut?'

Not all women, but most of them love to pamper their hair. They also bookmark days as a "good hair day" or a "bad hair day". Always remember, your lady loves her hair more than anything else. Therefore, answering 'yes' or 'no' for that matter is not advisable.


If you are finding this too complex to answer and already looking at the Google or Siri to help you out, remember you can always say that "You look beautiful in whatever style you opt for." or best is to ask her "Can we both get a haircut instead?"

If she is too much in love with her hair, you can tell her that "Your hair looks lovely, instead of cutting them, why don't you trim instead."

4. 'Don't You Think That Girl Is Quite Pretty?'

You are out somewhere with your woman, and she points out a random girl walking down the street or simply passing by. Never, ever, ever say 'yes'!


Also, saying a 'no' will cause problems as your woman might feel that you are lying. This is exactly where you feel 'trapped'.

Well, try saving yourself by saying, "She might be pretty, but I am with the world's most beautiful person." "I saw her staring at us. I think she is jealous of your pretty face." or "Why would I look at her when I already have you in my life."

5. 'Which Dress Should I Buy?'

While you shopping with your woman and she is unable to decide which outfit to choose for herself, it is very obvious that she will seek your suggestion. There is a high chance that she will ultimately purchase the ones she will like, but still, in most of the cases, men have to answer this question.


The idea is to tell her to get the dress if she feels comfortable in it such as "You should take this dress because it really suits you." Or "It looks like this dress is custom made for you." The moment you say something like this, your girl will go with the dress you choose for her.

6. 'Will You Re-Marry If I Die?'

We pray that your woman has a long life, but you may face this question. It will be very stupid to say 'yes' and saying 'no' will sound unsatisfactory as well.


But you can help yourself by saying, "Why would you die? I won't let you happen anything to you. I will safeguard you from every problem." Or "Even if you die, I will have our memories to live my entire life." Or "I will make sure to fulfil all the beautiful dreams we saw together."

Life is never black and white, so are the answers. There are always grey shades. We hope that these answers will make your relationship stronger and bring your lady love closer to you.

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