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How Negative Emotions Affect The Sex Life Of Couples

When we talk about sex it can be understood as a bond where two people are physically and emotionally involved.

It is related to satisfaction, happiness, intimacy and good things. But sometimes sex can also lead to disappointment and unhappiness among the couples. The reason could be their low sex-drive and disinterest in sex.

The most common factors that decreases sex drive among the couples is the stress from their work life. Well, emotions can also ruin the sex life of the couples. How? Let's find out.

1. Anger

Sometimes people may show their anger to their partners through lack of sexual desire or their disinterest. Both men and women can use this tactic for expressing their anger. When people are angry and non-desirous about sex, they can't enjoy sexual intercourse with their partners.

On the other hand, their partners might not be aware of the same and might be unable to find the root cause of the problem. The best way to save your sexual relationship with your partner is to uncover the anger and find out your partner's disinterest for sex.

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2. Attraction To Someone Else

When people who are already in a long term relationship or married to someone, feel physically attracted to someone else, they might lose interest in their partners. They might feel no more attracted to their partners. This kind of negative emotions can affect sex drive between the couples.

3. Entitlement

Some people think, they can have sex whenever they feel like irrespective of pleasure and convenience of their partners. These people can take their sex life towards a dead end. Also, there are some people who think it is absolutely fine to withhold sex whenever they want.

Such attitude can ruin relationships badly. A relationship is a blend of compromises, happiness, understanding and a giving attitude. Therefore, one should consider the happiness of their partner as well.

4. Power And Control

When one person is indifferent in the relationship, he/she might overpower the other and will hold the power of sex. He/she will make important decisions and will use sex as a weapon to get things done. Moreover, some people may feel like controlling sexual intercourse according to their desires. This can hurt their partners and thus decrease their interest in sex.

5. Inadequacy

Physical attraction is one of the factors that keep the spark alive between couples. When this attraction fades away people might consider their partner to be inadequate to achieve sexual satisfaction. Moreover, sometimes people get married to the one they don't like or have no physical attraction with. The reason for such marriages could be familial pressure, obligation, need for security or to have a source of survival.

These people might think they do no deserve such partners or might consider them inadequate for anything. According to Erika Fay, a family and marriage therapist, LMFT, "One of the major contributors to decreased sex drive is feelings of inadequacy." [1] In that case, couples lack sexual interest and do not feel like indulging in sexual intercourse.

6. Unresolved Past Relationship

If you are still not over your ex and are not fully committed to your present partner, your sex life can meet a sad end. As you are not able to accept the mind and body of your present partner. One should not think about what has gone. Instead, they should think about how they can make their present relationship an everlasting one. This way, they will be able to work on their low sex-drive as well.

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There might be other reasons leading to decreased sex drive and dis-interest in sex. But one can figure out those problems by having a proper discussion with their partners. This can help in achieving mental and emotional satisfaction.

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