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28 Flirty Text Messages That You Can Send To Someone Special Without Being Cliché

Don't underestimate flirting, it plays a big role when it comes to dating. Don't be too cheesy or say something wrong, else your love interest will question your intentions. But if done right, then you can have more interesting talks and can also set up your next date with them.

We have listed a few texts from which you can create your own version and woo your partner.

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1. "I think I need to see a cardiologist because the moment I see you, my heart skips a beat."

2. "You are more like Google as you have everything I have been looking for."

3. "I took some hot pics now, but cannot post on social media. Want to see?"

4. "Hey, something strange happened to me this morning. I woke up and found you were already on my mind."

5. "I was thinking if you can please ask your memories to bring you with them?"

6. "This day is too pleasant to enjoy alone. Wanna come with me?"

7. "Isn't it strange that you are miles away but still closest to my heart?"

8. "I want to meet your parents and express my gratitude to them for bringing you into this world."

9. "Hey, do you prefer drinking tea, as I asking you for a coffee sounded too cliché"

10. "I picture you in my future and love to spend my entire life with you. Do you think the same? "

11. "I didn't believe in magic until I saw you."

12. "What plans do you have for the upcoming vacations? Do I fit in them?"

13. "The moment I receive a text from you, I smile like an idiot."

14. "Wanna know what am I wearing now? The smile that you gave me today."

15. "I am not trying to be flirty with you. Simply trying to be more friendly with someone who is extremely beautiful."

16. "They say 'Nothing lasts forever'. Will you be my 'nothing' and stay with me always?."

17. "I feel like flirting with you. Can you please suggest some nice flirting tips with me so that I can send you?"

18. "What will be your thoughts if I ask you to come over to my place?"

19. "Hey, do you wanna hear a secret? I like you very much."

20. "What is your idea of having fun? Mine is spending the weekend with you."

21. "I wish I could taste my lips. Can you please do it for me?"

22. "You must be tired because you running on in my mind throughout the day."

23. "Do you know the last time I saw you, I forgot my pick-up line as my eyes were glued on you and mind was lost in your thoughts?"

24. "Were you made to mesmerise me with your beauty, sweet-behaviour and intelligence?"

25. "You are so unique and beautiful. Will you be my muse? "

26. "I like to stay updated, therefore, can you tell me something more about you?"

27. "I am totally clueless when it comes to dating. Will you train me how to date a girl/guy like you?"

28. "All romantic songs in my playlist remind me of you."

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Story first published: Thursday, February 13, 2020, 17:15 [IST]
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