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10 Habits Of A Long-lasting Couple You Need In Your Love Life

By Vamini Bhatia

Have you ever come across a couple that you and your friends think of as 'made for each other'? If you're in a relationship and wonder what it takes to build such an unbreakable bond, here's what it takes - work. Every relationship takes effort.

It won't bring back the honeymoon phase but it sure can make your relationship a happy place. If you and your loved one are experiencing a rough patch, here are a few habits you need in your love life.


1. Go To Bed Together

We don't mean having sex every night. All you've got to do is make sure you don't go to bed angry. In case you've had a fight, make it a habit to resolve it before you go to sleep. Healthy couples make sure they don't stretch a fight till the next day. Also, make it a habit to cuddle before you fall asleep, you'll be astonished by how cuddling affects your relationship.


2. Take Walks Together

Taking walks with your partner helps you connect with them on a deeper level. You'll be amazed by how the conversations you have during your walks will bring you closer to your significant other.


3. Make Them Feel Special

We all crave love, we all crave care. Even though we love someone, we often forget to express it. If we don't make someone feel special, eventually they stop doing things that once made us feel wonderful, and everything seems to go downhill from there. Even if your significant other isn't making efforts to make you feel special, it's okay to take the first step at times. Sending them roses, ordering their favourite food at work or a simple loving text can do wonders.


4. Always Make Time

Long-term couples always make it a habit to stay in touch with each other. If you've already started making excuses in your head after reading this point, it's a sign you need to bring a change. Even though your schedule leaves you with no time in hand, a couple of minutes at work can be spent reaching out to your significant other.


5. Be Their Best Friend

It's rightly said that every strong relationship starts with a friendship. It's alright if yours did not start with one, but it's never too late. Being a best friend is to share everything with them, and in order to do so, you both have to reach a certain comfort zone. For that, you need to have warmth in your relationship. To do so you need to welcome their opinions. You might not always agree with them, which is perfectly fine, but you need to make your relationship a loving place where they feel safe to share their thoughts.


6. Do Things Together

Cleaning, cooking and running errands seem like a lot of work when done by just one person. This also opens door to stress, frustration and a sense of dissatisfaction in a relationship. The solution to this is being a team when it comes to work. Besides, cooking together can be a lot of fun!


7. Discuss Your Personal Life

While it's good if you can work things out on your own, it's also important you discuss them with your loved one. Even if you've been a self problem-solver all your life, you need to share them with your loved one to make them feel more involved in your personal life.


8. Make Them Your Priority

There are a lot of subtle ways to say "I love you" and one of them is making them your priority. Skip on a Saturday night with your friends and have a Netflix and chill kinda night with your loved one.


9. Respect The Individuality

Just because someone is in a relationship, does not mean they have to let go of their individuality. Don't try to find your mirror image in them. There will be a few things in them you'd like to change, but don't keep nagging and don't expect them to change who they are.


10. See The Positive

Even when your relationship hits a rocky patch, try focusing on the positive side of your better half. During a conflict, one is likely to blurt out things they might regret later. This can be avoided if you don't hold on to the grudge and focus on the positive side of the relationship.

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