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Why Do We Get Attracted To Tough Men?

It is not a myth that women find men with a badass style attractive and try to be in a relationship with them. We all have done it. We have been with men who are badass and tough all the time. Have you ever thought about what attracts us towards them?

Well, I did dig deep just for my curiosity and found out certain traits they have that make us mad about having them. The idea of having tough and bad men goes something like this: heterosexual women like us, we say, we want nice characteristics in our partner, but in reality, we like the challenges that come with dating a badass man or a tough one.

There is an adrenaline rush everytime we date a tough man. The feeling is energetic and it drives us towards them. Certain traits of tough men I have found that makes a woman fall in love. These traits are true to the core and it makes any woman fall for them.

Let's see what all traits they have within them:

1. Authority Speaks

The way of their conversation and the natural form of their voice being outrageous and demanding authority incline us towards them. Tough men are often the desire of women as they have a commanding look in them.

2. They Look Rough

Of course, we like men rough and edgy. We don't want some nice guy who would do everything according to the rules. We crave to be with someone who has a sturdy look. The thing about roughness in men is all about how manly they look and that's what we get attracted to.

3. Non-Manipulative In Nature

Tough men are non-manipulative in nature, but they know exactly how to play with our minds. They make us say and do things we never did. Tough men make it hard for us to be with them because of these manipulations. But don't you agree, we all like getting manipulated in the sway of attraction?

4. Tough Men Are Not Accessible

We are curious beings and mystery is one thing we love to solve. Tough men are often a mystery. They do not let you enter their personal space. They make us beat around the bush but never let us approach the core in them. They play it hard. And we just fall for this. We take it up as a challenge to unfold the mystery they have.

5. Tough Men Are Just Irresistible

Tough men when they get dressed look like heaven in our eyes and we feel their flesh is where our abode is. We get attracted to their body language the way they look around and the way they make gestures and their dress sense. A tough man looks good in a rugged pair of jeans and a jacket and also looks good if dressed in a suit. Tough men are the best of both worlds in our eyes. The feeling of being with them is always an adrenaline rush.

6. Risk Takers

We love risk-taking men and the ones adventurous in nature. We get inclined and attracted to tough men because of their never-ending ability to take risks every single day. They love it when they are taking a risk and we love being a part of it.

7. They Are Amazing In Bed

Tough men just know how to do it. They know what a woman desires and just give the exact result. They are the "gods of sex" on earth. They will make you see heaven with amazement and happiness in your mind.

These are the reasons that make us want them more and more. Find yourself a tough man, date him and you will know what you want in your life. Find the rawness in their masculinity and see how that masculine body makes you wonder and how madly you get attracted to the heaven you see when you are with him.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 16:09 [IST]
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