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    Troubled Finding Love Through Dating Apps? Follow These Tips

    By Soham

    There are people who seek friendship, acquaintances, hookups, company for a while and love through a few popular dating apps.

    Dating apps can be very useful if you make it so. It can connect you to like-minded people from all over the world and can make you rich with friends.

    Troubled finding love through dating apps

    But how to make these dating apps useful in finding love? Have you really tried that part? If yes, then were you successful?

    If you are a person who is seeking for love through dating apps, well you will find out very simple hacks in this article that will help you through and by which it would be easier on your part to find your mate through these dating apps.

    Troubled Finding Love Through Dating Apps?

    So, let's find out the dating app hacks that can find you a mate for this life and beyond.

    1. Your Bio Is The Most Important Part

    I have found people having a bio of who they are to what they do and what they like to just emoji and then finally a blank bio.

    Just think once, why will someone swipe you right if you have emoji and a blank bio?

    Why will someone swipe you right if they see the same bio in many profiles?

    It's a very logical scenario wherein you need to know who you are and how to make your bio unique and only concentrated on you.

    Having a bio is easy but defining yourself in that bio is tricky. In order to have a perfect bio for yourself, think who you are and what you want from the dating apps and according to that write a two-line bio of who you are and what do you want in the dating apps. Give a gap and then put your qualities, for e.g, if you are a writer, mention you are a writer. Mention all your qualities in single words or two words in the bio and then give a gap.

    This time, put a funny statement or a healthy sarcasm or something as a question that would urge the person seeing your profile which will feel like answering or getting to know you more. This will be your call-to-action and it will get you more matches.

    2. Your Pictures Should Be According To Your Bio

    Profile pictures should be appropriate and befit your bio. If you are a traveler, put a picture of you somewhere traveling or sitting on a mountain, etc. Put varied images of you. A maximum of six images can be put in the profile. So, you need to choose proper images.
    There should be a variety of images. Images should be speaking by themselves about you.

    Don't put images where you are serious. Put smiling and cheerful pictures and of different scenarios. This shows versatility and, at the same time, it makes the other person wander through your pics after reading your bio or vice versa.

    Warning: Do not put pictures of plants, flowers, actors, actress, quotations, etc. It doesn't appeal and just makes the person swipe you left right there.

    3. Scout Profiles

    While scouting profiles don't just go for the looks. Often, people just check the first photo that is shown and then go ahead with either a right swipe or a left. That is not how you should do it when in search of your love.

    Remember to go through the profiles that you think you should match with. Read their bio, go through their photos. Check for similar interests. These all reveal a lot about the person and that is the way you know who can be a proper match for yourself.

    This way, it becomes easier for you to know the person and if there is a match, then you know how to initiate a conversation.

    4. Don't Repeat The Same One-liner To Every Person

    Pay attention here. There are certain things you need to take care of when you get a match.

    You need to go through their profile in details and see what is the peculiar thing that can help you initiate a conversation. This gives you a head start and then you know how to continue with it.

    If you send the same kind of message to every person that you get a match, it would become a danger zone wherein you get matches but no replies from the matches.

    When you send peculiar messages where they get compelled to reply back, it is a win-win situation for you.

    From here you can continue the conversation and later go out and meet in person.

    5. Do Not Put Negativity In The Conversation

    Remember it is you who is searching for love. Negativity is the least you can let go. Do not let negativity enter the conversation at any point.

    Never put racist comments thinking it is funny, or put a quote that is sarcastic and doesn't go with the other person. Be empathetic and do not discuss past. Do not talk about your exes especially. It is a buzz kill for the user on the other end.

    Speak about experiences that are good. Be direct and straight-forward but not arrogant. Be optimistic in your conversation.

    While you converse, you need to decipher certain mannerisms through texts of the other person that would suggest if you both can have a future or not.

    If there are answers only in minimal and ways and hardly questions towards you, be sure that the other person is not being interested in the conversation.

    Always keep the dating apps conversation gentle, pleasant and with a touch of humor. It works all the time.

    6. Find The Red Flags

    Yes, you need to find the red flags. Some people in the dating apps might have boasted a lot about themselves and you thought you could have a match with such person. But when the conversation starts, you interpret the person is nothing but a fake. He/she has just spilled whatever he/she could in their bio and it is nothing but a dead end, as you won't like to have a connection with such a person.

    There can be red flags like the person you thought would be interesting is actually boring and you are not getting attracted towards him/her. The other red flags are sexual references, which you might not want to know in texts, telling you hot in the first message itself.

    7. Regular Date Nights

    The dating apps are a game of numbers and luck. When you start talking with your matches, start making progress as soon as you can, then go on dates with them. You never know which date might turn into a love affair. The only way to know a person is by meeting that person and sharing experiences.

    Once you start going out on dates, you will start to know what do you exactly search for in your partner better. That way, you can scout through the profiles better and find your soul mate.

    These above-listed tips and guidelines will help you in finding the lover you are on the hunt for.

    Story first published: Thursday, April 12, 2018, 18:25 [IST]
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