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Thoughts Of Love In Your Mind Is Crap And Not Love; Remember It

We, humans, have a varied way of thinking and this reflects in the way we feel the word love. Many people make many kinds of statements when it comes to love. Some say, "Love is a feeling of falling in the charms" while someone else says,"Love is the attachment of two individuals". We term love the way we feel is right. Talking about love in various ways and through various means conveys the variety of thinking each of us has. But what is love? Hardly anyone says it right.


The different thoughts in your mind that speak of love are not the real feeling of love. Love cannot be termed in one way direction. It is multidirectional and has many dimensions.

Let's see the feelings we term as love in our mind and why they are all crap.

1. Attachment Or Feeling Is Not Love

We think getting attached to someone is love. The feeling of attachment is love. I am sorry, it ain't love. It is the feeling of being attached. None tell us that!


We all think that accepting the attachment is love. Accepting attachment can be infatuation or it can be enmeshment, but it is not love. The motivation for attachment is insecurity. The only thing that gets us attached is the feeling of losing. That is insecurity we have in mind.

That is the reason when people break up, they feel alone. But the insecurity bundles them with the pain of losing in the inside and kills the beauty of the person.

2. Everything You Feel Is Not Love

When you are with your partner and things that you feel and term as love are not love. You cannot name everything as love. Love is different and it is not everything. Love cannot be a controlled emotion that can get controlled in a word, "everything'.

3. Hurtful Attitude

When you and your partner fight and then you try to reconcile by terming the fight as a passion of love for each other, it is not love. Love never hurts anyone. Fear, ego, and personal attitude towards another human hurts. When you try to hurt someone, it is not love that asks you to do, it is your own idea. Do not blame it on love.

4. Idea Of Love Is Not Love

Remember, the idea you have in your mind about love is not love. Love cannot be an idea in a mind. You see it everywhere and nowhere. Love is not at all an idea that resides in your mind. Love is not the word you suppose you know the meaning of.

5. Wanting Is Not Loving

Remember, when you end a relationship, the other person most of the time says, I want you in my life, please don't leave. That is not love. Wanting and cravings are desire but not love. Love is purely different.

6. Beauty Is Not What Love Seeks

If you are with your partner for the beauty they possess and you are just attracted to it, you need to know it is not beauty. Beauty cannot be termed as love. When your partner asks, "Why are you with me?" and you reply, " Because you have the most beautiful eyes and I cannot take my eyes off them", it is not love. It is attraction. Terming attraction to certain features of the human body as love is not what love stands for.

Attraction is far different than love!

7. Expectation And Projection Are Not Love!

When you meet the expectation of your partner and they project a kiss on your lips, it is not love. It is them getting their work done and paying you in return. There is no love but a barter system. Expectations and projection are not love.

When you constantly change your partner, your friends ask you to stay with the last one and not jump for the next one. This is because they cannot expect the change and they just want you to settle for someone or the other. They cannot accept the fact that you are not happy. But they just want you to settle with someone. This kind of expectation is not love.

8. Having Same Thought Process

If you think you and your partner share a similar thought process, you are wrong to call it love. Having similar thought process can never be love but a fact that you both vibe in the same pace.

9. Completion Is Not Love

When you think that my half and his half bring up one and that is love, you are wrong. Love is the multiplication of two whole numbers and forming one. It is not addition.

Completion of yourself as one and then multiplying with another one who is complete in himself lead to the love you talk about.

All these are just a way of saying you are in love but these do not mean love. Thoughts of love are pure and achieving it is the goal.

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