Seduce Your Man This Summer: Tips To Follow

By A Mixed Nerve

Thinking of summer tan and beaches and your partner beside you? Well, seduce him this summer, as it is the best time to bring out your inner desire and make your man divulge into you.

There is something about summers. It is all about wearing light clothes, sizzling and flaunting your skin and body and the sweat dripping down while engaging in a sensual connection with your partner.

seduce your man

Summer is the time when you have that naughty feeling of being around your man and making him desire you more. Those raunchy moments and the beach-night scenes, all bring out the seduction level to rise.

Wandering how to seduce your man this summer? How about I give you some insights that would really help you?

Seduction is a fine art that is the beginning of every sensual desire. There are tricks by which you can certainly make your man sway on your seducing signs.

Seduction is the form of communication between two souls in a very intimate manner. Go through the tips that have been mentioned below, in order to seduce your man this summer.

1. Flaunt That White Shirt In The Shower

You want your man to get turned on? If there's something that drives a man wild, it is a woman wearing a wet t-shirt. You know what a man craves to see? His woman wearing a white plus-size t-shirt and getting wet under the shower.

It makes him go wild and wild in his mind. As men being visual creatures, they appreciate all the great assets their woman has to flaunt. A scenic beauty is when you are in the shower and the shirt takes the shape of your body belongings, while your man is just watching those droplets sizzling his mind. He will cancel all his work just to give you what you want on the bed.

This is one of the most intimate ways to seduce your man this summer. It doesn't matter if you are at the beach or at home. Just let water drops run through your body with the white t-shirt.

2. A Lap Dance Under The Starry Night

Lapdance with sensuous music is always a treat for men from their women. But you can do a bit more and put a twist to it.

How about you give him a lap dance under the starry night and bring the seduction level to a new one?

Well, you can do it on your terrace or while on a trip or even at the beach, the mountains, etc., where summer is winter as well.

Make him sit, play the music that you and the vibe well with and start showing those moves that make him go wild and crazy for you. You will not only ignite him but even make him wet.

Men love visualization. Just give them that.

3. Take Him To Get Your Swim Suit

Summer is the time to go out to the boutiques, showrooms, and shops to buy the perfect swimsuit for yourself.

This time, take your man as well. Flaunt those curves you've got while trying out new swimsuits. That itself will give you what you desire. He might not even wait, for he would be burning with seduction in his mind and would directly take you to the car and, who knows, things may steam up at the parking lot. ;)

Swimsuits do a great deal, milady!

Try it out!

4. Close For A Heavenly View

Watching the heavenly bodies above us on a dark night is fun. I agree!

But do you know what's better? You laying on your man's lap, keeping your stomach facing the stars, arching your curves a little upwards. Trust me!

You will nail all the goals a man has with seduction! He will stop gazing at those heavenly bodies above and start seeing the tangible celestial body right in front of his eyes. This is a very subtle way to provoke the seduction level for a man. Not only will he engage, but he certainly will show you his wilder version, the version that makes you sing to the tunes of desire.

5. Alcohol And Affinity To Undress!

Between the hot, sultry air and the allure of a cold drink after a hard day, take advantage of the situation and add a sexy twist to take care of your man. Make him a glass of his favourite cocktail or on-the-rocks drink and while you do it, just make sure to be a bartender to crave for. Perhaps, do not wear your inners, and just put on a tight t-shirt. Mix the drink in proportions, while mixing his mind with the visual sensations.

By the time the alcohol in the glass is over, it is certain that the clothes would have been undressed too.
There you go with your seduction level reaching far and wide, while his manly hormones do great work!

These are the first five tips that you need to follow to make your art of making love reach great heights. And trust me, your summer desire will continue the whole of summer.

If you liked reading the article, do give your feedback in the comment section below. I would love to read them!

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