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    Questions On Love We Crave To Find Answers For

    You might have asked yourself at least once, "Are the new ways of relationships better than the ones that are old?" These kinds of questions often come up in our mind and we don't really have an answer to ease our minds. If you have gone through the thought-provoking questions on love as well as love and its thoughts; love questions, you would see that there are many questions that come up in every human mind, related to love.

    These love questions are hardly answered. These questions are on a constant hunt for answers and in this article, we try to answer such questions that are always craving to be completed with an answer.

    questions on love

    Can Love Happen More Than Once?

    We have asked this question a lot many times and have tried finding an answer. Well, love can happen once and can happen many times as long as you are sure of the fact that love is the ultimate passion between two individuals.

    Is Love A Form Of Seduction?

    Love is a form of emotion between two individuals. It cannot be termed as seduction. Seduction is an art of wooing someone. It is a way of luring someone to fall in love with you. But love can never be a part of seduction. Rather it is vice versa if said so. Both are different and seduction is used in the process of loving.

    Does Modern Way Of Love Show Colours Of The Love From Past Generations?

    Well, it is a continuous process. Love is mostly expressed through smartphones and social media. Earlier it was through messengers like pigeons or telegrams or handwritten letters. The colours of past generation love have reduced but they still have the same impact in the present generation.

    The thing about love is, the old it is, the better it feels. So, couples of the modern age are still using handwritten letters or using techniques that were used by generations before them. Love has no limits in the case of expressing. One can express love verbally or through the written medium. All it asks is to be expressed in the form of emotions.

    Are We In Love With The Idea Of Love?

    Most of us are in love with the idea of love for which you see a lot many misunderstandings in relationships. People have fallen in love with the idea of how love is and have deduced it as the only form of love. To be honest, love is limitless of expressions in faces of the loved ones but when it comes to the idea of love, it is restricted to certain emotions.

    People think that the idea of love is the way of loving someone deeply and when not met with the same kind of feeling they fall apart. They think love is all about holding hands all the time, kissing in the rain, thinking of each other all the time, etc. These are some of the ideas that people normally have about love. The thing about love is different.

    What Makes Love Our Best Emotion?

    Love is the only emotion that brings out the best in you. It is about the compassion, kindness, and the feeling of giving that you have within. Love is the nature of the adjustment of two souls to be together. It teaches us the importance of giving as love means to give what you feel.

    Love involves sex and it is a way of communication of flesh and bones of two people. It is an artistic emotion building beautiful moments of togetherness. The thing about love is the way it converges all our emotions to make a single feeling, i.e, love for someone.

    These are some questions that have been running around in our minds unanswered. Now that you have your answer, you finally understand the feeling, love.

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    Story first published: Thursday, August 2, 2018, 10:45 [IST]
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