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    Thought-provoking Questions About Love We Have In Mind

    Now that you have read Love And Its Thoughts; Love Questions, you are ready for the second set of questions that have depth in them and are thought provoking. These questions bring a sense of understanding about love in human minds. These questions make us think of love in varied scenarios.

    Let's go through these questions to have a better picture of love and its ways.

    thought provoking

    Does Love Have Boundaries?

    Love does have boundaries. It is because love itself is self-bound. And in every love story or relationship, there are certain boundaries that would help love grow and if these boundaries are breached, then the relationship fails to sustain the beauty of it. Love needs some boundaries to feel protected and safe.

    But then there are people who do say love has no boundaries and is limitless. This is in the context of the love you give the person you feel for. Love has no boundaries when it comes to giving and accepting. Love is the beautiful aura that spreads miles and miles far through emotions.

    We Often Speak About Love, But What Is The Real Nature Of Love?

    Love, in reality, is nothing but a collection of emotions driven by the level of attraction, affection and curiosity to know another person. We speak about it in a lot many ways. The real nature of love is only one, i.e, to give what you feel for someone. If you are in love with someone, all you require is to give them the compassion, kindness, desire, support and everything that would suggest you are in love with that person.

    Love can be hard and can be painful, but in the form of giving, love is the most beautiful way of expressing the adoration you have for someone. You cannot help yourself when in love. You will always feel like giving the person what you desire. Your way of sharing emotion is the way of giving love.

    Are We Certain Of The Timeline Of Our Love?

    None has ever been certain of their timeline of love. It varies all the time and depends on how you treat your partner every moment. Your every action and reaction makes your love stay or vanish. The timeline of love can be from a single day or can be a year or also till you die. Your timeline of love depends on the way you and your partner are in the relationship and that is the way one can always make it certain about building a long-lasting relationship.

    Thus the timeline of love depends on you and your partner and the love you both share in the relationship. If you have a happy relationship, the love will definitely stay and the timeline will keep getting bigger with each passing day.

    Is Our Generation Playing With Love And Its Virtues?

    Not all, but many of us are playing with the feelings of another soul in the name of love. Love is being traded. Love is such a pure emotion that it is often used as the bait for sex. People in the name of love approach each other. But the sole purpose of these people is to have sex. They just put love as the contextual name and hide their real reasons. People are being deceived by falling for the bait.

    What we need to do rather is be open and state what we want, rather than hiding behind the curtain of love. If you are seeking pleasure from someone it is always better to tell them about it directly rather than faking it all in the name of love. When your reasons are fulfilled, you tend to walk away from that person creating a void in the person's mind about love. We should rethink the notion of our love and start being honest with each other.

    Do We Really Believe In " Till Death Do Us Apart"?

    I cannot really comprehend if people still believe in the statement. As the rate of falling out of love is growing more and more, this statement starts falling from its virtue. People have stopped believing in love for the way the relationships are breaking; it has become hard for anyone to have complete faith in someone.

    But when I look at the old couples in love, I still feel that people do believe in this statement. All you need is a way of loving and needing love. In order to feel the virtue of love, you need to come up with looking at the beauty of the relationship you are in. Till death do us apart can be true for anyone who believes in the relationship he/she is in.

    Is Love A Part Of Sex Or Vice Versa?

    It is always the vice versa. Sex is always a part of love. Without sex, love will flourish, but without love, sex is mere pleasure between two people. When in love, sex is the epitome of pleasure between the two people involved.

    Are We Running Behind Love?

    We are all seekers from birth and we all at a point of time seek for love. We try to find love in each individual thinking they would be our love. We fail a lot many times in the process as well. But in the end, we all do really crave for love and we do run behind it just to find that one true person for us, in order to settle in love with them.

    What Makes Love Our Best Emotion?

    Love has a lot of emotions involved in it. It is a mixture of trust, faith, anger, happiness, sadness, curiosity, etc. Love brings out the best and the worst in you. It can make you or break you. But when you think about love, you think about the beauty of it. The way your eyes gleam and the smile on your face elongates is the same feeling for every individual. Love not only builds a life within the body, filled with emotions, it also makes us absorb the warmth of this love. The beauty of love is always seen. Love is our best emotion, for it is our only solace.

    This is the end of the second set of questions that provokes thoughts in your mind everytime you think of love.

    If you liked reading this article and the one prior to it, then you can go on to the last part of these questions in the coming article.

    Do give your feedback below in the comment section. If you have any relationship-related query, do write to us at


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