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    Love And Its Thoughts; Love Questions

    Love might have been blind enough to let go of all the attachments but it does crave happiness and so do people associated with it. Every human on earth seeks for a connection of love with one another and these are always based upon the fact of having a happy relationship.

    So, I went around and asked random people about what questions they can think regarding love. To my surprise, I received around 50 or more questions about love that made me rethink about the basic fundamentals of love that I had in my mind. These questions are listed below and I have tried answering them all.

    love questions

    Do We Really Fall In Love?

    I do not know if we really fall in love or we fall in the illusion of love. Both look beautiful at the start. The only difference that comes to the picture is the later part of the love. Love if happens in real, is all about giving everything to someone. If it is the illusion of love then it is just an idea of love that we fall into.

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    Why Do We Desire Love?

    There is nothing purer than a lover looking into the eyes of another. The ocean of love is seen in those moments. We desire love because we feel it completes us. Love is the way of expressing our existence in someone's soul. Love is the heart full of emotions rushing through the vessels trying to ooze out for the one we fall in love with.

    Does Love Exist?

    If you believe in love, it does. If you don't, it doesn't. It is all in the minds and in the way you see love. If you think of love with your heartful of emotions, then it does exist. If you think of love with your mind, then it depends on your perception of love. Love exists according to your belief. If you believe that love is real, it will bring you the ocean of emotion and if you don't it will keep the emotion in its own place. It is all about your way of observing love and how it is.

    Is Love Materialistic?

    Love is not materialistic if you don't make it. Love is all about the idea of giving each other the virtues. It is a vibration or a frequency of emotion that flows within two bodies filled with affection and adoration for each other. The nature of love cannot be materialistic. But people have made love materialistic feelings, utilising love for their benefits. These people have made others think love is materialistic. Love has been utilised as a tool of the barter system. People have started buying love indirectly. With the help of promises and gifts, love now comes in packages, shapes and sizes.

    Is Love The Other Name Of Compromise?

    Nope, love isn't compromised. It is just how people have made it look. Liberation of emotions is love but not suppression of it. Love needs no compromise. It only needs dedication and liberation of two souls in love with each other. Think of love as a way of life and not just a way of submission. If you fall in love with someone, you are in love with everything they are. Asking them to compromise on certain things cannot be a part of it. Love is all about the art of providing emotions, support and anything that helps in liberating a soul.

    Do We Really Need Love?

    If we want to experience love, we do need to love someone. If we don't need love then we won't ever be connected to another human. Love is a way of communication among people. Love is the basic necessity of every individual. One cannot say he/she is not in need of love. The basic fundamentals of love are needed for everyone.

    Love is not just in the form of coupling. It can be a love of a mother with her child or a brother with his sister, etc. Love is everything in a human's life. You might not need a partner and you might crave for it. But you do crave to be with your father and your mother. You crave for their love. Parental love is the basic love that we get when we are born. We need love in the way we need food.

    Do You Need Love To Live?

    Love is the heart of our existence. We are human and inherently crave connection like love. Love being the greatest connection of all, we do need love to live. It has been a part of our existence since the moment we were in the womb. The best thing about love is that it comes in varied shades and forms.

    A small act of kindness also is a form of love that humans share. Compassion, kindness and other forms of love make of our daily life. Without these, a human becomes inhuman. So, this makes us have a dire need for love.

    Is Love All About Sex?

    Love can never be about sex and only sex. Sex can be a part of love where it reinforces the love between two individuals. Love is an emotional bond, a connection with another person, and a void when someone is gone and a genuine feeling of care for another person.

    Sex is a physical intimacy between two humans who are attracted to each other physically. Love can never be all about sex. Love is a vast universe of connection, compassion and loads of feelings. One cannot just keep it limited to sex.

    Does Love At First Sight Exist?

    It exists for some people and it doesn't for some others. There are many people who are in love with each other from the moment they saw each other. While there are others who have known the person for a long period of time before falling in love.

    Love, at first sight, is all about the personality and the looks combined together that make one fall in love with. Love can be in any form. It might be in the form of love at first sight as well.

    If you liked reading this article and want to read more, the next set of questions are in the next article.

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