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    Long Distance Relationship; What Are The Issues Couples Face

    Long distance relationships are tricky relationships. You make one wrong move and the relationship tumbles down to the ground. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but it also tests each and every nerve of the relationship. Couples in long distance relationships find a lot of issues to cope up with. These normally become a test or these do make them understand the need of each other and the need for the relationship in their life.

    Talking about issues reminds me of my long-distance partner. Issues never really happened with us at the start. After it was 4 months since we started off, issues started pouring in. Our minds started to turn away from the relationship.

    We tried finding the reasons but it never occurred to us that the reasons were us. The issues that had come up, I still remember those and think about it. If you are in a long distance relationship then you would relate to these issues and the article itself.

    long-distance relationship

    Many times we ignore these issues thinking it is a norm in every relationship but what we don’t pay attention to is that the issues are being prolonged. These prolonged issues are the ones that bring the troubles in the relationship.

    Let’s understand these issues in details.

    1. Suspicion And Jealousy

    One of the worst nightmares a couple in a LDR can have is suspicion and jealousy. Jealousy and suspicion are emotions that eat you from the inside if not controlled and handled in the right manner and at the right time.

    If jealousy and suspicion prolong in a long distance relationship, love jumps out of the relationship. So, how can you and your partner work on this in order to save yourself from the wrath of suspicion and jealousy and let it not affect your relationship in any manner?

    Well, what I did was understand the reason behind suspicion and jealousy in my relationship. I understood it was just an instinct that I had. I am certain it is present in every individual and this comes out in the form of possession to protect our loved ones.

    We do not want to lose our loved ones. But at times we go overboard and that strangles the love we have for the other person making our jealousy and suspicion to better the love we have for them.

    To control jealousy I started speaking about it directly with my partner and that helped me cope up as she understood the reason behind my possessive attitude. Expressing it was the only way to control the fear of losing in the form of jealousy and suspicion.

    2. Fights, Quarrels And Arguments

    Fights, quarrels and arguments are just in every relationship but when that aggravates to a level it is no more in control, we start falling out of love. In my relationship, we used to argue over the silliest of the reasons and that would often lead to fights and prolonged ones. These later turned into bouts between the two of us. It led to more stress and worries about how to cope up in the long distance relationship. We started to drift apart.

    For certain, we started seeking ways to cope up with these fights and sustain the relationship. We earlier used to pay attention to bringing right arguments to the table. We used to forget the part where we both wanted to be happy in the relationship.

    Now every time we fight and argue, we keep in mind that we are making our love run away. We started to control the anger, the irritation and we tried remembering happy moments of us. Thus, it helped us in making our issues less and fights, quarrels and arguments lesser.

    3. Conversations Stop To Appeal

    This never happened to me though but yes, I do agree with it. I have witnessed it with my other friends who also dwell in a LDR. Boring conversations often pop-up in a relationship when there are no more topics to talk about. Couples in a long distance relationship who often crib about such issue have normally exhausted their topics to talk about and now do not know what more they can talk about.

    This usually happens when a couple talks all the time. If you and your partner are in a LDR and are constantly going through conversations that do not appeal to each other, you need to stop being in constant connection. You need to understand talking all the time is not helping you and your relationship.

    The only way you and your partner can get back to the old version of your happy conversations is by giving each other some space and talking when you are really in need. Talk to your partner about interesting things about each other, etc. Random conversations often become boring if they have no substance and it is the way you and your partner will fall out of love.

    4. Losing Attraction For Each Other

    Losing attraction is another issue in long distance relationships. You start falling out of love and make it certain that this issue becomes one big factor. You start to seek affection and attraction in others and you grow out of love with each other.

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    Losing attraction is another major issue that becomes prolonged if not worked upon. Do not let yourself fall out of love or your lover. Keep the intimacy alive and the level of attractions higher.

    These are the 4 most important issues in a long distance relationship.

    If you liked reading the article, let us know about your ideas in the comment section below.


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